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Kook Kwick Pressure Cookers - Sears Merit -Replacement Parts

Sears Merit Kook Kwick Pressure Canners Master List of Replacement Parts

Kook Kwick pressure cooker by SearsIf you have a Kook Kwick pressure cooker canner and are looking for instructions or replacement parts for missing or broken parts, this page will help you find it.

If you are looking for manuals for  pressure canner, click here for free downloads of Kook Kwick and other pressure canner's instruction manuals!  We also have a page about pressure canner annual maintenance tips and a pressure canner buyers guide.


Kook Kwick Pressure Cookers

The Kook-Kwick brand of pressure canners sold by Sears from 1910 to the early 1940s.

They also usually have a metal plate that says "Merit" or "Best Maid". They are ALMOST identical to the "Magic Seal No. 7-16.I'm told  everything except the rubber vent plug.

Replacement Parts for a Kook Kwick Bestmade No. 7-16

The gasket / rubber sealing ring works and is sold online here.   One guy explains in the reviews there that he bought and tested the replacement gasket and it works the same... Others aid "the 9907 Sealing Ring may look too big for the lid but it will fit. It just requires some effort for the ring to be worked into the lid to get a proper seal.
"Merit Kook Kwick Pressure cooker

You can also see this page after measuring the dimensions of your canner to find a Presto Replacement Part.



Instruction Manual for your Kook Kwick pressure canner Sears Merit Kook Kwick handbook and instructions

Click here for the Sears Merit Kook Kwick handbook and instructions - we provide it FREE for your personal use! Feel free to download the manual for personal use, and to link to this page, but do not copy the manual and post it on other websites
These are the pages that explain how to use the cooker.  We have not included the recipes because they are obsolete and considered unsafe. but we have all the recipes updated here. The USDA has a lab that tests recipes for home canning and these were substantially revised in the 1970's decades after the Kook Kwick recipes were produced.  Pre-1974 recipes are usually risky. A lot of food science has improved since 1910.

Keep in mind, your vintage pressure canner can function as both a Pressure Canner AND a water bath canner,(just don't seal the lid down, for water bath canning).

You can find all the same recipes, updated and tested on this page.


Master List of Replacement Parts for KookKook Kwick Bestmade No. 7-16 Kwick Pressure Canners

Many Presto and Sears / Wards canner parts are interchangeable with Kook Kwick: see this page

See this page for All American Pressure Canner parts


Other brands:

If you are looking for other brands replacement parts, please write me and I will try to help!

Other Brands

If you are looking for other brands replacement parts, please write me and I will try to help!


 For other supplies:

You can read a discussion about why foods should be processed in a canner on this page" "Why do I need a canner?"

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Illustrated Canning, Freezing, Jam Instructions and Recipes

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