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All American Pressure Canner Replacement Parts - Gaskets, Gauges, Regulators, Handles, Etc.

All-American Pressure Canners: Ordering Replacement Parts such as,
Gaskets, Regulators, Seals, Gauges, Handles, etc.

If you have a All-American pressure canners or cooker and are looking for replacement parts for missing or broken parts, this page will help you find it.

If you are looking for manuals for  pressure canner, click here for free downloads of All American and other pressure canner's instruction manuals!

For all other pressure canners, see this page.

All-American Pressure Canner Replacement Parts

GASKET Note: All-American canners do not have a gasket - it is a metal-to-metal seal, so you don't need to consider a replacement gasket.

To find the model number of your All-American pressure canner look for:

  • a number stamped onto the side of the cooker or canner or
  • a number etched into the bottom or just underneath the handle.
  • or a label that will be attached to the top of the cover.

Note: the number 409a may also be stamped on the bottom of the pot, but this is a UL certification number, not a model number

To examine and / or order a part,

Just click on the Amazon boxes and it will come up on Amazon!

Replacement All American pressure cooker regulator weight

Fits All American pressure cookers.  The pressure regulator weight releases excess steam at 5, 10, or 15 lbs of pressure, as you desire.  It sits on top of the vent pipe. You choose the desired pressure by putting the corresponding number (5, 10, 15) by the pipe.  pressure weight of that hole is.
As long as you don't lose it, it should last for many lifetimes!


All American pressure cooker instruction and recipe book

This is the original manual and recipe book that comes with the All American brand pressure cookers.  

If you are happy with an electronic version (PDF), you can download (and print) it for free on this page.

All American pressure cooker steam gauge

For all All American pressure cookers, The All American 1930 pressure dial gauge is how you check on the current pressure in the canner at any time.  Once the canner gets up to pressure, the regulator weight releases excess pressure. You also use it when you are cooling down to determine when the pressure has dropped to zero and the lid may be safely removed. Basically, you use the gauge together with the "jiggling" of the regulator weight to know you have the heat at the right setting. The gauge should be within +/- 2 PSI of the weight setting when it jiggles. That tells you the gauge is working and doesn’t need to be replaced.

All American pressure cooker 2040 rubber overpressure plug

For all All American pressure cookers. This is an important piece, since it is the safety valve that blows out
if too much pressure should ever build up!  It's a good idea to replace this every 10 years or when the rubber feels like it has become hard.





All American pressure cooker bakelite wing nut

For All American pressure cookers

If the wingnuts on your canner are broken or look bad, you can easily replace them and make itlook and work like new! 




All American 151 rack, 11.5 diameter

This is the aluminum plate that sits inside the bottom of the canner and the jars rest on it.  You can get an addition rack so that you can stack the jars!  Did you knw that you can stack jars in layers and do more at one, completely safely! Fits 915, 921, 925, & 930 cookers
Fits All American Sterilizer models: 1941X & 75X
Rack measures 11 1/2" in diameter



All American 79 retaining bayonet clamp screw

Fits All American Pressure Cooker models: 910, 915, 921, 925, 930 & 941
Fits All American Sterilizer models: 1915X, 1925X, 1941X, 25X, 50X & 75X




All American 76-630070 pressure cooker top bakelite handle

Fits All American pressure cookers with this type handle. Make your canner look like new!
Screws are not included, but you can reuse the old screws of get new ones at Home Depot or Lowes.




All American pressure cooker pin for clamp bolt


All American pressure cooker clamp bolt


All American pressure cooker vent pipe for regulator (fits all 1930+ )

Fits All American pressure cookers. This is the All American 1930 vent pipe. It  is the primary pressure relief valve. It is attached to the cover and the pressure regulator weight sit son top of it. It fits all All American pressure cookers/canners.




Other Brands

If you are looking for other brands replacement parts, please write me and I will try to help!


 For other supplies:

You can read a discussion about why foods should be processed in a canner on this page" "Why do I need a canner?"

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