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This page provides a detailed comments submitted by visitors to pick- your- own (PYO, U-pick, pick-it-yourself) farms in the metro Atlanta area and surrounding counties in Georgia

In reading comments, whether they are positive or negative, bear in mind that everyone's experience varies.  We try to weed out emails which are clearly fakes or so extreme as to be implausible.  When we get negative feedback about a farm or orchard, we contact the farm, and provide them the comments (without any reference to the person who submitted them) to allow them to respond.  We then publish both the visitor's comments and the farm's response.

Don't pay too much to a single negative comment; rather, look for patterns. And keep in mind upset people tend to write in more often than happy customers.

In the past several years, we can happily say that negative comments are generally rare.  The vast majority of people find the the trip to be immensely rewarding!


Adams's Farm

1486 Highway 54 West, Fayetteville, GA 30214.

Comments from a visitor on August 15, 2011: ( negative ) "I was part of a homeschool group of about 20 (children and parents) that went to Adams Farm during strawberry season. We called ahead to make sure they dealt with groups/homeschoolers. They said they did. Upon arriving, the workers there were "rudely polite" to us. They asked us to stay in the parking area, with small children, until our entire group arrived. We asked if we could allow the children to sit at their picnic tables (so we'd be out of the way of cars parking) they told us no! Our children are children and very well behaved/mannered. But we were treated like we would take things/not listen/etc. After reading the rules and listening to them again, being parked at us by one of the women, we were then followed out by an older man to make sure we didn't eat any of the berries. An 18-month old picked a small strawberry and was about to taste it. The old man nearly jumped over two rows to stop the child from doing so, yelling at the parent. We did our best to enjoy our time (focusing on our children & the picking experience). We did not sample any berried until after we paid for them but we will NEVER go there again! The berries are delicious but the way were treated left a very bitter taste in our mouths. It was a great disappointment!"

Comments from a visitor on November 07, 2010:  ( positive )"As I returned from the tent sale in Fayetteville on Saturday I came across a treasure in Adams Farm. They have the most wonderful roadside market I've ever seen. There was a wide assortment of farm grown vegetables to include the most beautiful, juicy tomatoes grown right there on the farm. I met the owners and Mr. Adams insisted I take a ride with him on the golf cart. I saw strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, blueberry plants groomed for next year; I saw sweet onions planted for next year; I saw fields being prepared for next year's harvest. What a wonderful experience with these good people. I will certainly be returning to this farm. "
Comments from a visitor on October 15, 2010: ( positive ) "The happiest day of the year is when Adams Farm opens its doors in the spring and the saddest day of the year is when they close for the winter. We love you and will frequent your business for as long as you are there. Please never change.Your produce is wonderful and the berry picking experience is one my family will never forget"
Comments from a visitor on September 28, 2010:  ( positive ) "I have been a loyal patron at Adams Farms for as long as I can remember. I have had nothing but wonderful experiences at this business. Adams Farm offers quality berries and produce and a wholesome ,safe ,and family embracing environment as they themselves are a third generation owned and operated family business. I cannot understand how anyone could have a negative remark about this establishment and I will continue to support this business and recommend it to everyone I know."
Comments from a visitor on September 19, 2010:
( negative ) "I had bought produce from Adam's many times, so when I wanted to take my children to pick berries it was a natural choise. I am very sorry that I went there. The old lady there yelled at my baby..a baby...REALLY? She needs to retire or stop telling people that they are family friendly because they seem to HATE CHILDREN. She also accused my older child of eating berries, she had not as I had read the many warning signs of PESTICIDE use. I will not return there. I have since talked to people who recommend Cottle farm and say that there they encourage you to eat as you pick."
Comments from a visitor on August 13, 2010:  ( positive ) "I take my 2 yr old and 4 yr old children to this farm all the time. We have always been treated with respect and the comments about the workers being rude is just simply not the case as my family has experienced over the past ten years. We in Fayette County are very proud that we have such a good place to shop not just for U-pic berries but all kinds of farm fresh produce. "
Comments from a visitor on August 05, 2010: (neutral) "We have picked strawberries, blueberries, rasperries here over the years as we live 5 minutes drive away. We went this morning (Aug 4) to pick berries. Me, 8 year old and 2 year old. We had a great time today. Some days they're friendly and some days not so much. But I think they are definitely improving over time. I am guessing that each year, there are those few kids that trash the place, or parents not watching them too closely, get a bit burned and then feel they have to be 'strict', and the rest of us feel the consequences. Husband says the blueberries are delicious."
Comments from a visitor on August 05, 2010:  ( negative ) "I agree with other's comments that the people working there are rude. I went there in July 2010 asking if they had any strawberries and the lady practically barked at me "No! They've been done for a long time!". Ouch! Don't think we will be back!"
Comments from a visitor on July 19, 2010:  ( positive ) "We drove to Adams Farm to pick blueberries and had a wonderful time. My 4 yr old and 6 yr old were with us. Mrs. Virginia explained to us how to pick the berries, where to find the biggest ones, and explained any rules there were for picking. My children had a blast! The field was clean and well kept, and the bushes were in great condition. My 6 yr old wants the family to know that she really liked going there and really wants to go there again. My 4 yr old wants them to know that he liked picking blueberries. If you are aware of the expectations from the growers who own and work the farm and actually follow them, this is a great farm to visit. We will be going back next year for all the berry seasons!"
Comments from a visitor on July 18, 2010:  ( negative ) "We also have had negative experiences with Adam's Farm. There is a sign posted on the fence that says "Do not eat the berries until AFTER YOU PAY FOR THEM!!!" Some of the workers there need to take some happy pills. There is an elderly gentleman who is often there to give directions to the pickers, and he is not a fan of children. My kids are very well behaved, and love elderly people, so this was quite a shock to them that he spoke to us all so rudely. An elderly woman is also usually in the store, and is equally inhospitable. This year, we chose to give our business to Cottle Berry farms, (not far from the Fayetteville Pavilion, turn at Zaksbys and just up the road). What a refreshing difference! The elderly gentleman there thoroughly enjoyed chatting with my kids, and he said "We don't spray these berries, so you guys eat as much as you want out of the fields." That's where my money is going from now on! They only grow strawberries. The berries we picked were absolutely delicious, and we took him up on his offer of eating them in the field with no fear of retribution. :) I looked them up because I remembered that they donated berries every year to the teachers at the local elementary school. Go to Cottle Farms!!! (Other than being a customer there one time, I'm not affiliated with them at all)"
Comments from a visitor on July 06, 2010:  ( positive ) "I picked wonderful blueberries with my family today at Adams Farm. They have wonderful farm grown tomatoes and butterbeans and peas. We had a wonderful time"
Comments from a visitor on July 05, 2010:   ( positive ) "We love you Adams Farm! Keep up the good work"
Comments from a visitor on July 03, 2010:   ( positive ) "My family and I picked blueberries at Adams Farm on July 3 and absolutely loved the wonderful experience. The farm staff was helpful and the entire experience was very good. I will certainly take my family again."
Comments from a visitor on June 24, 2010: ( negative )  "Several years ago, my mother, my daughter (who was then 5) and I thought experienced Adams Farm. We thought it would be a wonderful experience for my daughter to able to pick fruit from the vines. We get there completely excited, we start picking the berries and we did eat a few here and there (about 5 in total). When we went to go pay for our berries, not only where the people at the register rude and seemed offended that I brought my daughter...but also asked how many berries we ate and charged us extra for those 5 berries !!! REALLY !!! Even though Adams Farm does have curb appeal, don't be fooled ! They are NOT CHILDREN FRIENDLY....not friendly at all !!!! On Saturday 6/19/2010 I thought I would give Adams Farm another chance (I was deserate for organic)....they haven't changed. I will never go back."
Comments from a visitor on May 31, 2010:  ( positive )  "My family and I just left Adams Farm in Fayetteville Gs. We picked blackberries and raspberries. No one was riding in a golf cart tormenting anyone. We loved it and will go back many times4"
Comments from a visitor on May 30, 2010: ( negative ) "As I was looking for frut picking farms this summer I ran across a farm that I wanted to warn families about. For the past two summers we have gone to Adams Farms to pick blueberries. This farm is NOT child friendly! Each summer the "old man on the golf cart" torments all the visitors with children with rude remarks and stern looks. Last summer the older lady who gives out directions before you enter the farm was almost as bad. Following you around the stand making sure you don't handle the vegetables too much. Annoying!! This expeirence can truly turn a fun event into an anxious one. Many of the other families picking fruit made comments about their horrible experince. Upon checkout my friend made sure to tell the cashier about her horrible two summer experience and the poor girl just whispered "sorry". She must have been afriad of the people who run the farm-who knows. Now, look, I'm a Pre K teacher, mother of two, cub scout den mom, etc. I KNOW childern and they can be....well, children. But, honestly, these owners are THE WORST! PLEASE take your business elsewhere. I know that I will be!"
Comments from a visitor on May 23, 2010:  ( positive )  "Thank you Adams Farms for providing such a wonderful berry picking experience for my family. We will return as long as you are open"
Comments from a visitor on May 03, 2010:  ( positive )  "I just visited Adams Farm in Fayetteville with my two small children. We had a wonderful time; my children were treated with respect and loved picking berries. I will be returning with my family throughout the berry season."
Comments from a visitor on March 28, 2010:  ( negative ) "As picking season nears, I am re-evaluating my options for picking berries this year. I had such a bad experience (twice) at Adams Farm last year, when I had my 1-year-old along. There is one older man, I don't know if he's the owner, who is so mean - to children and those adults with children. My little one could only crawl, and I never put her down, what could she have done? She wasn't in the plants, she ate no fruit. He about had me in tears. Luckily, the other customers were very very kind, and even helpful as I tried to pick fruit lugging the 1-year-old. There was overall no respect that I had driven a long way and given them my business. I am not planning to return to Adams Farm this year - I will pick fruit elsewhere. Thanks."
Comments from a visitor on November 04, 2009: ( positive )  "From strawberry season through the summer and all the other berry seasons and right on through pumpkin season my family shops at Adams Farm and loves it. Keep up the good work. We love you. "
Comments from a visitor on July 26, 2009:  ( positive )"In mid July I took my family berry picking at Adams Farms in Fayetteville We had a wonderful experience. The farm was definitely kid friendly and the staff friendly and helpful. I will certainly take my family back again "
Comments from a visitor on July 04, 2009: ( positive ) "on July 3 I took my family to pick berries at Adams Farm Fayetteville and we enjoyed the most wonderful time imaginable. The family owned farm was very clean, berries were easily accessible and the staff professional, helpful, and nice. I will certainly take my family back again on many occasions "
Comments from a visitor on July 01, 2009: ( positive ) "I would really like to see the negative comments about Adams Farm in Fayette County removed. I used this Web site to find a U-pick farm near me and Adams Farm was the best bet. After reading some of the previous comments, though, I have to admit that I was a little bit nervous about taking my son there. I decided to try it anyway, and am SO HAPPY that I did. Adams Farm is a wonderful, very KID-FRIENDLY place. The workers were extremely friendly and helpful. They were sweet to my 3-year-old and were happy to have us there. It was a fabulous experience and I will definitely take my son back tp pick more berries again next spring. I would just hate to see anyone decide not to go to Adams Farm based on what they read here. The people who wrote that must have been letting their kids run completely wild. My boy was free to roam and pick berries to his heart's content. He never felt restricted and was certainly never yelled at. It's not too much to ask for a farm to have some rules, and it definitely wasn't hard to follow the few that they did have. My son loved it there and know other children would too.". (Note from Blake: I do not censor. Both positive and negative comments are published equally for all farms")
Comments from a visitor on June 11, 2009:
( positive ) "I have been going to Adams Farm for more than 15 years, the fields are are so clean and groomed, the berries are wonderful and so fresh. The entire staff is so helpful and friendly, you can tell they are a wonderful family owned business. I look forward to them opening every spring and am so sad when they close in the fall."
Comments from a visitor on June 10, 2009:
( positive ) "I am very sad to see the comments on Adams Farms in Fayetteville, GA. We went at the end of May 2009 and had a very different (good) experience. My children loved picking the strawberries at Adams Farms. I found their farm to be well-groomed, their strawberry patch to be very clean, and they provided good size buckets for picking. The staff definitely made sure everyone was aware of the rules, but they were courteous about it. I gave some of our strawberries away to friends, and everyone commented that they were the sweetest strawberries they've ever had. I will definitely go there again."
Comments from a visitor on June 06, 2009: ( negative )
"June 6, 2009. This farm is NOT kid-friendly. The staff is rude, unwelcoming, and unforgiving. My two-year old, who cannot move around because he has a broken leg and is in a cast, ate a strawberry while we were in the fields. Rather than requesting that we pay extra, the staff rudely followed us to the front while we payed for the berries we had already picked. I echo the sentiments from other visitors. We will certainly spread the word to people we know with and without children NOT to visit this farm and I hope that others will do the same. There are certainly other establishments more deserving of the business. "
Comments from a visitor on June 02, 2009: ( negative )
"Farm is not kid friendly at all. My kids were yelled at by the owner and we were told, very rudely, to leave the farm. No one seemed concerned about losing our business and acted like it was a privilege to be there. Everyone working there was over 70, and obviously had no tolerance for children. They said the kids broke the rules, but no one informed us of the rules and there was no warning or reminder. They just rudely yelled from a golf cart to "leave now! get off my farm!" etc etc. My kids were behaving and had just been stepping in between the plants (not on them)to reach for the berries."

Berry Barn

1310 North Lake Drive, Canton, GA.

Comments from a visitor on September 17, 2011: "I called The Berry Barn (Cherokee County) and got an appt. in July 2011. Mr. Morgan was really nice and even called to have me reschedule when pickers several days to a week prior to me picked alot and the blueberry bushes needed to replenish. I went with a friend and 4 little kids. We had a ball! The kids got to eat some blueberries off the bush and we picked for 2 1/2 hours. We had plenty of berries to make jam and the kids has plenty of places to run! There were about 20 blueberry trees, not bushes...they were huge! Mr. Morgan sells jam and \"orchard honey\" he calls it from all the fruit and vegetable gardens around on his property. I bought some honey and it was so delicious! I will definitely go back. Peaceful, beautiful place and very well kept."
Comments from a visitor on August 06, 2010: "Berry Barn - Jack Morgan, you must have appointment to pick but well worth it. Great amount of blueberry bushes to pick from. The grounds are kept very clean and very nice. I diffently will be back again. Also he has jam and honey for sale. The honey is out of this world. Have not tried jam yet but sure it will be just as good. Mr & Mrs Morgan are a very nice couple, enjoyed talking to them both."
Comments from a visitor on July 21, 2010: "July 21st, 2010 I want to highly praise Mr. Morgan for having a lovely farm with an abundance of blueberries to pick from! They are Delicious! And the grounds were very clean and well kept, no poison ivy in sight. We will be going back for sure!! Thank You Mr. Morgan! We all had a wonderful time and the Kids Loved you!"
Comments from a visitor on June 03, 2010: "We had a great experience at the Berry Barn last summer. Mr. Morgan showed us around his beautiful farm and pointed out the best blueberry bushes to pick from. The berries were plump, delicious and plentiful. After we picked as many berries as we could carry, Mr. Morgan met us in his barn and we purchased additional bags that he had gathered that morning. (We also bought some yummy honey!) My family looks forward to going back to the Berry Barn again this summer! "
Comments from a visitor on July 19, 2009:
"There were about 30 blueberry bushes that had been picked almost clean. The one berry I did manage to find and taste was so sour and small it would have been laughable, had I not drove for 30 minutes to get there. Mr. Morgan requires an appointment for people to come pick - at that time he should tell you there are NO blueberries to pick. This was a waste of time and gas money...don't bother with this place, go somewhere there are actually blueberries to pick!"


Berry Patch Farms

786 Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock, GA

Comments from a visitor on July 16, 2011: "Having recently picked blueberries from Berry Patch Farms, 786 Arnold Mill Rd., Woodstock, GA, and having been charged 6% tax on the due amount, I called the State Department of Revenue, and Berry Patch is not in compliance with the tax rate of 2% on food products in Cherokee County. I was told by the Department farms and farmers' markets usually include the tax in their prices, although they can add on the tax. In this particular case, the price was $1.95/lb. plus $.12 tax--the tax should have been $.04/lb. Petty? To me it's a matter of principle, not amount. "
Comments from a visitor on September 30, 2009: "I really enjoyed picking blueberries at Berry Patch Farms. The prices are reasonable (per lb, no entry fee) they don't use any pesticides (so you can eat the berries right off the bush while you pick) and there were plenty of berries even though we went late in the season. They have ample parking, a few picnic tables, cold drinks for sale, and a playground area for kids."
Comments from a visitor on July 28, 2008: "While they don't spray, they also don't take care of the poison ivy growing throughout all the bushes. I have a horrendous case of poison ivy on both arms after picking two weeks ago. They had marked some bushes, because it was obvious at the bottom and around, but all the other bushes must have had it in there, too. When I called them their only answer was that "You were in the field, you have to expect poison ivy". Well, I did not expect it and here I am , and it was not worth the Blueberries. If you have a "pick your own" farm, and you don't spray, it sure does not mean that you are allowed to let this stuff take over. I will never go there again, and hope this will go into their listing to warn other people!!! Thanks, "
Comments from a visitor on May 24, 2009: "I disagree with the last comment about Berry Patch Farms & the poison ivy; They made every effort last year to make sure every visitor was aware of the poison ivy & marked affected bushes with orange ribbons. I've been going here for YEARS and have had nothing but excellent service. Any Southerner knows to watch for poison ivy in the summer!"
Comments from a visitor on May 28, 2009: "Hi. I just wanted to say this is a great site. I have been looking for a family friendly pick your own farm. I really appreciate that people can leave comments that are helpful to visitors. I wanted to comment on the Poison Ivy statement recently written. I am from Michigan but I have lived in southern states for quite some time and I don't have a clue as to what Poison Ivy looks like:{ I have four children ages 6 and under and they wouldn't know what to look for either. I'm sure the markers are helpful but with small kids I don't know. I'm sure more than people from the South pick berries also. I hope Poison Ivy is not in all Southern blueberry fields because I would really like to take my family to pick berries as I did when I was a kid up North. Thanks for the heads up! "

Blake: See this page for photos of poison ivy and how to identify it!


Cottle Strawberry Farms

290 Banks Road near the water tower, Fayetteville, GA 30214 
A visitor writes on June 09, 2014: "Does anyone know if they are open this year? We drove by and it appears the field is empty."
Comments from a visitor on April 22, 2012: "4/22/12 My wife and I and our 3 kids and 6 other couples all with children went to pick strawberry for the first time ever at Cottle Farms. The kids had a blast! I really thought we would be in and out in and hour to hour and a half tops. Three hours later my wife and I were exhausted. All the kids picked strawberry's, ate strawberry, ran around till they couldn't run any more, ate lunch, and played in the sandbox. It was a really great afternoon. As my kids were going to bed tonight my oldest child asked if we could go back next Sunday and do it again. They were so nice at the farm, appreciative, helpful, and very easy to work with. I would defiantly recommend them! We hope to go again next year. "
Comments from a visitor on April 13, 2012: "First time went there today.we came from the wrong side of the farm.Before we park our car the old lady started yelling and screaming at us.told us that we can,t come from there,that is private property.only employee and owner can drive from that side.she was screaming ,very angry and very very rude.I keep saying sorry and told her that we didn't, know that and she still yelling at us in front of 3 children who scared and almost cried.I didn't, know what to do.We already there and I apologized and she still yelling.I think she is racist. My 7 years old daughter told me that the old lady was very rude and she told me that she wasn't had fun because of that.If I didn't thinking about how long we drove from Atlanta and the kids really want to pick strawberry,I will just turn around. We will never going back to that place.we picked strawberry at Harry and Stacy last was the best strawberries,friendly and nicest people.that old lady really ruined our day."

Comments from a visitor on May 25, 2011: "you pick is $11.00 very family friendly. My two girls ate strawberries until they couldn't eat anymore. They have a sand pit with toys for the little ones and a covered picnic area to eat. The strawberries are great. we just visited April 12th 2011 and again since then. Great farm."

Comments from a visitor on July 18, 2010: "This year, we chose to give our business to Cottle Berry farms, (not far from the Fayetteville Pavilion, turn at Zaksbys and just up the road). What a refreshing difference! The elderly gentleman there thoroughly enjoyed chatting with my kids, and he said "We don't spray these berries, so you guys eat as much as you want out of the fields." That's where my money is going from now on! They only grow strawberries. The berries we picked were absolutely delicious, and we took him up on his offer of eating them in the field with no fear of retribution. :) I looked them up because I remembered that they donated berries every year to the teachers at the local elementary school. Go to Cottle Farms!!! (Other than being a customer there one time, I'm not affiliated with them at all)"
Comments from a visitor on May 19, 2010: "I called Cottle Strawberry Farm (Fayette County) today 5/19/10 and was quoted $10/gallon for you-pick and $12/gallon if they pick. Sunday hours are still 1-7."

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