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Canning Classes: Where to learn (in person) how to can and preserve food at home!

Canning Classes

County canning centers and community kitchens often offer classes to learn how to can or preserve food at home.

The list below should help you find a canning class near you. These listings are a draft, gathered from phone book listings and government agriculture websites, and still growing rapidly.  I've also heard that LDS (Mormon) canneries are all over the country and you don't have to be a member to use them.

Add or update cannery information:

If you know of any canneries to suggest or can help validate or correct any of this information, please write me!

Listings of Canning Classes at Canning Centers (Commercial, Private, Church-run and Government-run)





  • Community Food Pantry of Benson Arizona -
    2300 W Calvary, Benson, AZ 85602.
    Phone: 520-200-5186
    Email: Contact@BensonFoodPantry.Org.
    We are so excited to be offering canning classes here at the Pantry. Learn how to safely can and get some helpful tips and tricks. All of those favorite fruits, and veggies will be available at your fingertips regardless of the season.
    Get ready to can your meat for quick and easy healthy meals later.
    Classes are held in the church Fellowship Hall of Calvary Baptist Church. Held on the third Friday of the month from 4 PM - 6 PM, this 3-part series will get you well on the way. April 15, and May 20, and June 17. Canned items make exceptional gifts.
  • DIY Canning Classes At Rhiba Farms -
    40792 N. Rattlesnake Rd,
    San Tan Valley, AZ 85140.
    Phone: (480) 987-9393.
    We only sell what we grow under the Arizona sun. Support your local farmer and order up! (480) 987-9393
    Start preserving food the old fashioned way, with our DIY Canning Classes! In addition to saving time and money, you can also start eating healthier. Because we believe in education and sharing resources, we have arranged to have Angie from MillBrook Urban Farms present an onsite canning class!
    Also known as "The Green Garden Chick" Angie has a small urban farm in South Mountain, Phoenix. She has been working for years on the best practices for canning Jams, Jellies, Meats, Fruits and Vegetables. In fact, there may even be an entire canning class dedicated to just the art of pickling.
    Either way, make sure you register early, as space is limited and sure to fill up fast. Due the the extreme heat, we will be starting classes early in the morning. So make sure to get well rested the night before. Additional specifics are still being worked out, but we will keep you posted on Facebook and Instagram as times and dates are confirmed.
    Register Early And Learn How To Preserve Food At Home


Trinity County

  • Young Ranch - community center, sometimes has canning classses
    260 Oregon Street, Weaverville, California 96093. Phone: (530) 623-3746 ext. 1. Open: Call- occasionally they have canning classes. Directions: Call. The Pressure Canning Workshop was a huge success today. Twenty-five participants learned how to pressure can a tomato, okra and zucchini mix, as well as chicken! The smells wafting from the kitchen were fabulous! A big thanks to Lillian, our presenter from Sacramento, Trinity Homegrown Foods, and Trinity High School for the use of their facilities. Check out the photos in our album. 


Jefferson County




  • Agricultural Canning Center - Jacksonville
    2525 Commonwealth Avenue, Jacksonville, Fl 32254. Phone: 904 387-8860 . The facility on Commonwealth Avenue was built in 1978. Air conditioned and recently updated, the Canning Center provides an institutional kitchen environment. All equipment necessary for canning is provided onsite. Users provide their own ingredients. Open: Year-round hours: 8 am to 4 pm Monday - Thursday. All Duval County residents who are canning for themselves, their families, churches, or any non-profit organization (not for businesses) may use the facility. For safety reasons no children under 8 years of age are allowed. Walk in clients are not accepted. You must call and make an appointment two or three days in advance, if possible. In 2008, their website states that the cost was $7.50 per hour, per group, including processing time, plus .65 cents per quart can, .45 cents per pint can (all low acid foods, vegetables, meats, soups and stews) must go in cans. All high-acid foods (fruits, jellies, jams, and pickles) will go in jars. Clients must provide their own jars. There is a .15 cents per jar processing fee. To qualify for tax-exempt status, a nonprofit agency must have a valid Tax Exempt Certificate on file and pay for the canning with a check from the nonprofit agency or organization. Tested and tried recipes must be used at the canning center. The canning of fruits and vegetables are the most popular, but many other items can be canned: meat, soup, jelly, jam. Etc. The center has some recipes that have proven over the years to be just great. Also the Family and Consumer Sciences Program area next door at the Duval County Extension Service/Agriculture Department, has many more recipes. How Long Will It Take? That depends on you and the help you bring with you. Most people who are in by 8:30 am will be out by 2 pm, depending on recipe.
  • The Canning Center -
    2525 Commonwealth Avenue, Jacksonville, Fl 32254. Phone: Phone: (904) 387-8850.
  • Citrus County Canning Center -
    3405 W. Southern Street, Lecanto , FL 34448. Phone: (352) 746-4324.
    Comments from a visitor on December 15, 2008:
    "This is an AWESOME facility. Has EVERYTHING anyone would need. This is also where I first learned how to can. The people there are so pleasant and helpful also!"
  • Hernando County Rock Cannery -
    U.S. 98 and County Road 491 north,  Brooksville, FL. Phone: 352- 540-4306.
  • Little Rock Cannery -
    15487 Citrus Way, Brooksville, FL 34601. Phone: 352-540-4306. 
    Comments from a visitor on April 13, 2009:
    "Anything can be canned at this facility, meats to fruits and veggies. annual membership is nominal, price break for county residents, ran by parks and recreation for Hernando County. This is a community cannery. they no longer hold classes, but the attendant is very informative and helpful. They do sell jars, lids and rings. have restrooms, have a well appointed library for canning and food preservation. fully equipped with 4 16 qt pressure canners, a steamer for sterilization, a steamer for blanching, all small wares needed for processing foods, juicers, pea shellers, etc. Very nice facility. also has contacts for veggies. veggies can be ordered and dropped at the facility for you. You must make appointment for use of the facility."
  • Tri-County Community Council -
    1588 US Highway 331 South, Defuniak Springs, FL. Phone: (850) 535-2937. Alternate phone: (850) 892-3615. Open: from May 1 through September 31. Area residents can peel, pack, shell, prepare and can their vegetables, juices and sauces, stews and soups, fruits, fish, and meats at Tri-County Community Council's Canning Centers in Washington and Walton counties. Both centers are fully stocked with all the equipment needed to take fresh foods from pre-preparation to jars or to the freezer. Special equipment located in the centers helps make the job easier. Each contains a pea sheller, meat grinder, potato peeler, bean sheller, nut cracker, vegetable chopper, juicers, and other processing equipment. The Washington County Center is loacted on Highway 79 South in Vernon. The Walton County Center is loacted at . While some Holmes, Walton, and Washington County qualifying, low-income residents can use the canning centers for no fee, others must pay a small charge for use of the equipment. The pay schedule is as follows: processing, 20 cents per pint or quart; shelling peas or beans, $3 per bushel; peeling potatoes, $3 a bushel or 75 cents per peck; pecan cracking, 20 cents; juicer, $1 per bucket; grinding beef or pork, 30 cents per pound, hog head and feet, $2.50 per set; and chopping, 50 cents per gallon. Out-of-area residents must pay the following fees: processing, 40 cents per pint or quart; shelling peas or beans, $6 per bushel; peeling potatoes, $6 a bushel or $1.60 per peck; pecan cracking, 40 cents; juicer, $2 per bucket; grinding beef or pork, 60 cents per pound, hog head and feet, $5 per set; and chopping, $1 cents per gallon.
  • Washington County Community Canning Center -
    Highway 79, Vernon, FL 32462. Phone: (850) 535-2937.


Canning Centers and Canning Classes (The high school locations are usually just for canning classes)

  • Appling County High School -
    482 Blackshear Highway, Baxley, GA 31513. Phone: 912 367-8610. Ag Dept. 912 367-8617. Fax : 912 366-9877
    Email: Jim Galvin, Agriculture Education Teacher or Van Mills, Agriculture Education Teacher
    Open: 7 am - 11 Am, June 8-10, 15-17, 22-24 & 28-30, July 1, 5-8, 14-15 & 18-22, Open later in the fall for peanut season.
  • Berrien County High School -
    500 East Smith Avenue, Nashville, GA 31639. School Phone: 229 686-7428. Canning Plant: 229 686-3464. Fax 229 686-6251. Email: Tim Meeks,  Agriculture Education Teacher, Kane Staines,  Agriculture Education Teacher Robert Bodiford,  Agriculture Education Teacher, James Hunter,  Agriculture Education Teacher Open: 8 am to 2 Pm, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.
  • Blue Ridge Cannery -
    811 Summit Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Phone: (706) 632-0208. Directions: 67 miles from Atlanta.
  • Brooks County Schools -
    1008 West Bartow Street, Quitman, GA 31643. Phone: 229 263-7531 (Board of Ed). Email: Dave Bearden,  Agriculture Education Teacher Blake Kendrick, Agriculture Education Teacher Open: June 1-July1, Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8 am to 2 PM; July 14-22 Tuesday and Thursday from 12 PM (noon) - 6 PM. 
  • Calhoun County High School -
    700 Manry Street, Edison, GA 39846.  Phone: 229 835-2435. Cell: 229 310-9246.
    Fax: 229 835-3040. Email: David Wolfe, Agriculture Education Teacher Canning plant is located behind the school.. BOE 229 849-2765
    Open: July
  • Colquitt County High -
    1800 Park Avenue, Moultrie, GA 31768. Stacey Beacham,  Agriculture Education Teacher
    Primary Contact: 229-890-6292 or 229-873-4202. Email: Gene Hart, Agriculture Education Teacher For off season appt: 229-873-1049. Shawn Collins,  Agriculture Education Teacher Steve Bass,  Agriculture Education Teacher Adrienne Gentry Smith,  Agriculture Education Teacher Open: May 14,16 from 8:00-12:00, May 21,23 from 8:00-12:00, May 29,30 from 8:00-12:00; and 8 am to 2 pm on June 4-July 13 (Monday-Friday) and 8 am to noon on the Saturdays of June 23, 30 and July 7, 14. Our canning plant has quart sized cans for purchase and capability to process glass jars supplied by the customer. We also offer shelling, washing and blanching of peas and butter beans. We also have equipment to peel potatoes.
  • Dawson County Cannery
    205 Allen Street, Dawsonville, GA 30534. Phone: 706-265-0153.
  • Dodge County Food Processing -
    Dodge County Middle School, 5911 Oak Street, Eastman, GA 31023. Phone: Tom Cranford,  Agriculture Education Teacher 478-278-8507. Email: Canning Plant is located behind the school tennis courts.
  • Dooly County High School -
    HWY 27 E, Vienna, Ga 31092. Phone: 229-268-8181. Email: Anderson Jenkins,  Agriculture Education Teacher
    Steve McCray,  Agriculture Education Teacher Open: June 1 - July 23 (After July 23 by appointment only), M-F 7:30 am to 4 pm. Cans and Jars Canning, Shelling and Juicing.
  • Early County High -
    420 Columbia Road, Blakely, GA 31723. Phone: 229 723-3006 ext. 5302. Fax: 229 723-8690. Ag Dept. 229 723-5503. Email: Eric Harris,  Agriculture Education Teacher Catherine I. Simmons Larry Worsley,  Agriculture Education Teacher Open: June & July  on tuesdays and thursdays 7 am to 2 pm, Closed Week of July 4th.  Pea sheller, blanching and canning in cans only. Open by appointment only during peanut season
  • Eastonolle Cannery -
    P.O. Box 9 School Road, Eastonolle, GA 30538. Phone: 706-779-2218 .
    Comments from a visitor on March 15, 2012:
    "My girlfriend that lives in Tocoa,GA has been to this facility and recently shared her experience with me.. The following is what I found online about them. I Believe that they may offer a lot more than just canning ie freezing and processing. Stephens County Cannery processes both tin cans, which they provide, and glass jars, which you provide. Meat is 70 cents a can to process and vegetables are 65 cents. Glass jars cost 30 cents each to process."
  • Emanuel County Canning Facility -
    104 Rountree Avenue Twin City, GA 30471. Phone: 478-763-3661. Email: Tori Pellerin ( ) John Harrison ( Justin Coleman ( Faith Patrick ( Ashley Henry (   Open: May-July on Monday-Thursday from 7:30am to 2 pm. Contact for additional information if processing corn.  We are in a new location, address is now 104 Rountree Avenue Twin City, GA 30471 If you can't reach them by phone, leave a message! (UPDATED: March 31, 2022)
  • Franklin County Food Processing Center -
    57 Hartwell Road. Lavonia, GA 30553. Phone: 706-384-4245, EXT 1336, Ag Dept. Email: Gary Minyard, Agriculture Education Teacher, Owen Thomason,  Agriculture Education Teacher Cale Watkins,  Agriculture Education Teacher Open: Monday and Thursday from 7:30 am to 12:00 Noon, through August 8; The center will be closed July 4 and July 11.
  • Gilmer County Cannery -
    465 Bobcat Trail.  Ellijay, GA 30540. Phone: Cannery: 706 276-5095. Email: Ashton Allen , Agriculture Education Teacher, . Josh Hitt,  Agriculture Education Teacher, Open: Tuesday & Thursday, June 23 - December 31, 8:00 - 5:00; Processing must begin by 11 am.  Tin cans are available for purchase. Customers must provide their own glass.
  • Habersham County Cannery -
    Stanford Mill Road, Clarkesville, GA 30523. Phone: (706) 754-3133. Alternate Phone: (706) 754-2110. Email: Amy Crump,  Agriculture Education Teacher Kyle Dekle,  Agriculture Education Teacher Cannery is under construction. New cannery is projected to open summer 2012. Location at the new Habersham Central High School.
  • Irwin County High School -
    149 Chieftain Circle. OcOcilla, GA 31774. Phone: 229 468-9421
    Wesley Paulk, 229 424-3446. Email: Shayla Johnson, Agriculture Education Teacher. Ira Tucker , Agriculture Education Teacher, Open: last week of May, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday from 8 am to 2 pm Blanch, Can, Shell peas
    No glass product nor meat processing.
  • Lanier County High School -
    52 West Patton Avenue, Lakeland, GA 31635. Phone: 229 482-3868. Email: Ben Culpepper, Agriculture Education Teacher, Shannon Danforth, Agriculture Education Teacher, Open: 7:30 am to 12:00 Noon, Monday, Wednesday, Friday; Closed Wednesday, July 4, 2012; Closed Monday, July 9 and 11, 2012 for GVATA Summer Conference. Our canning plant has quart sized cans for purchase and the capability to process glass jars supplied by the customer. We also offer shelling, washing, and blanching of peas and butter beans. We also have equipment to peel potatoes.
  • Lavonia Cannery -
    57 Hartwell Road, Lavonia, GA 30553. Phone: (706) 356-8115. Directions: 80 miles from Atlanta
  • Lowndes Food Processing Center or better know as "The Canning Plant" -
    Located at Lowndes High School, it is operated by the Lowndes County Agriculture teachers from late May through mid July and is open to the public to process and preserve food products such as peas, tomatoes and other vegetables.  Many of the patrons make soups and jelly as well in the facility.
  • Murray County High School -
    1001 Green Road, Chatsworth, GA 30705. Phone: 706 695-1414. Fax: 706 517-2625. Mike Bushey,  Agriculture Education Teacher, 706 517-5738. Email: Open: Have produce to facility by 10 AM; July: Tues, Wed, Thurs. from 8:00 -12 Noon., (Week of July 11 open Thurs. and Fri. only); August: 1st two weeks Tues. and Thurs. only.
  • Old State Farmers Market -
    East First Street, Blue Ridge, GA 30513. Phone: 706 632-0208. Email: Rhonda Mathews,  Agriculture Education Teacher Open: July-September's Schedule: Tuesday & Thursday at 8 am, Product must be in cooker by noon. Bring own glass jars 25¢ pints, 30¢ quarts for processing. Purchase metal cans 55¢ includes cost and processing.
  • Perry High School -
    1307 North Avenue, Perry, GA 31069. Phone: School 478 988-6312. Phone: 478 988-6322. Email: Argene Claxton,  Agriculture Education Teacher Phil Gentry,  Agriculture Education Teacher. Open: Monday - Thursday, 8:00 - 12:00 Noon; Closing date this year is July 19.
  • Pickens County High School -
    500 Dragon Drive, Jasper, GA 30143. Phone: 706 253-1800. Fax: 706 253-1806. Email: Joe Wright, Agriculture Education Teacher, Jason Cantrell, Agriculture Education Teacher Open: Plan to arrive before 11 AM to allow time for preparation and processing before closing, Late June - Tues. and Thurs.; July - Tues. Wed., Thurs. Closed: Week of July 9th-Thurs., Fri. Only) Beginning Aug 1st: Every Wed. afternoon after 2 PM throughout August.
  • Seminole County Canning Plant -
    208 Adams Street. Donalsonville, GA 39845. Ag Dept. 229 524-5165. Email: Mike Casey 229-220-1786, Agriculture Education Teacher, Dusty Smith 229-493-0553,  Agriculture Education Teacher, Open: Spring Tues/Thurs 2:00 - 4:00
    Summer Tues/Thurs 8:00 - 3:00; Fall Tues/Thurs 2:00 - 4:00; Peanuts - August - November.
  • Eastanollee Cannery -
    207 School Circle, Eastanollee, GA 30538. Phone: Farish Mulkey, 706 779-2218. Email:  Agriculture Education Teacher, Nick Moody, Agriculture Education Teacher Open: Year Round 8 am to 4 PM, Monday: Meats; Tues, Wed, Thurs: Vegetables.
  • Tattnall County High School -
    1 Battle Creek Warrior Blvd.. Reidsville, GA 30453. Phone: 912 557-4374. Fax: 912 557-4542. Phone: 912 557-8999. Email: Adam Carpenter, Agriculture Education Teacher Donald Crumpler, YF Teacher. Open: Tues - Friday; 8 am to 12:00 Noon, through end of July.
  • Thomson High School
    1077 White Oak Road, ThoThomson, GA 30824. Phone: 706-986-4297. Fax: 706-986-4201. Email: Rick Dubose , Agriculture Education Teacher b.  706 986-4200. Open: from June 16 on Tues, Wednesday & Thurs through July 30 - 7:30 - 2:30.
  • Tift County High School -
    One Blue Devil Way, Tifton, GA 31794. Phone: 229 387-2480. Phone: 229 387-2475. Email: Lynn Cook, Ag Teacher, Jimmy Cargle, Ag Teacher Steve Hobbs, Ag Teacher, Beth Golden, Ag Teacher Carl Nichols, Open: Monday - Thursday, May 31, 2011 to July 7, 2011; (Except July 4 and July 14, 2011 Times: 8 am to 2 Pm, Open by appointment during all other times of the year. Metal Quart cans or bring your own jars. New facility located behind Tift County High School (Enter the bus entrance off of New River Church Road).
  • Treutlen County High School -
    1201 Fowler Street, Soperton, GA 30457. Barry Norris (912) 529-4536 ext.2108. Email: Open.  July 5, 6, 7, 8, 14, 15. There is a new schedule of dates for every year.
  • Turner County Canning Plant -
    601 E. Madison Avenue, Sycamore, GA 31790. Phone: (229) 567-9337. Alternate phone: (229) 567-4346.
  • Union County Canning Plant - Canning in glass only; water bath and pressure canning available.
    283 Farmers Market Way, Blairsville, GA 30512. Phone: 706-439-6043. Email: Cost: pints $0.25 and quarts $0.35 each. Opens after Fourth of July through Sept/Oct. Hours: Tuesdays & Thursdays 6 a.m. - noon BY APPOINTMENT ONLY. Volunteers on hand to assist. Contacts: Manager: Mickey Cummings; Asst. Manager: Kristy Peney.(Suggested by a visitor, ADDED: October 20, 2021)
  • White County School -
    2600 Hwy. 129 North, Cleveland, GA 30528. Phone: (706) 865-2312.  The cannery is located at middle school.
  • Canning Plant -
    261 S. Labelle Avenue, Sycamore, GA. Phone: 229-567-9337.
    Email: Chuck Majeski, Ag Ed Teacher,
    Dennis Kendrick, Ag Teacher,
    Process in cans only. Open: July: Tues and Thurs from 8 am to 2 PM. (Product must be in by 2 PM); August ( Peanut Season) By Appt. only.
  • White County

    • White County Middle School -
      283 Old Blairsville Road, Cleveland, GA 30528. Phone: (706) 865-4060.
      Email: Brad Dalton, Ag Teacher,
      Dustin Keener, Ag Teacher,
      Amanda Martin, Ag Teacher,
      Open: July- Aug - Sept, Tues 8 AM -12 Noon, Thurs 4 PM - 8 PM.
      You may purchase or bring your on glass jars. No tin cans available.
  • Worth County

    • Worth County Schools -
      504 E. Price Street, Sylvester, GA 31791. Phone: (229) 776-8600.
      John Lindsey, Ag Ed Teacher. PhPhone ( 229) 776-2068. Email:
      Donald Gilman, Ag Teacher.
      Buddy Whiddon, Ag Teacher,
      Directions: The canning plant is located behind the Worth County Board of Education complex in the old cafeteria building.
      Open: 8 Am on Tuesdays and Thursdays; All food must to ready to process by no later than 2 Pm.












Charles County

  • Zekiah Farms - canning classes
    Booth Place, MD. Phone: 240-216-4065. Email: Open: Saturdays and Sundays 11 to dusk October 1 through November 4th. Directions: off Bryantown Road, off Route 5 (Leonardtown Road), across from Mount Eagle Estates.




  • The Starting Block - food incubator
    1535 Industrial Park Dr, Hart, MI 49420. Phone: 231-873-1432. Email:
    Comments from a visitor on March 09, 2011:
    "It's an incubator, I had them recommended to me to look into for processing some foods."

Ingham County

  • Incu-BaKe, LLC - Incu-BaKe, LLC is a shared-use, commercial kitchen offering a wide range of food business incubator services, as well as space for large-scale cooking for personal use. We have the equipment available to do hot water canning as well as vacuum packing for frozen foods or ready-to-cook meals. We will add pressure canning capabilities soon if the demand is evident.
    1967 Aurelius Road, Holt, MI 48842. Phone: 517-974-8944. Email: Incu-BaKe is available 24/7, except for during routine cleaning and sanitizing. Reservations are requested. We can help canners and preservers access large quantities of produce from local farmers, and will have canning supplies available for purchase. We have a large resource library of recipes, and can help find what you need and provide guidance. We accept cash, checks, or PayPal. Gather your friends, and let's cook--feel free to bring along snacks, beverages, etc--preserving the summer's bounty should be fun. 

Kent County

  • Facility Kitchens -  Canning is for personal production only and by law may not be sold.
    501 Ottawa, Lowell, MI 49331. Phone: 616-421-4540. Email: Thursday evenings 4:15 to 9:15pm Saturday evenings 5:30pm to 10:30pm. Times are subject to change, check the website, reservations are required. Cash or check only. We have restrooms. An experienced canner is on site to conduct the flow and monitor the water temperature and times. We have jars, lids and rings for sale. We are new. We plan to can what is in season.. Comments from a visitor on June 28, 2011: ""


  • Duluth Community Garden Program Cannery -
    Damiano Center, 206 W 4th Street, Duluth, MN 55802. Phone: (218) 722-4583. Email: The Cannery educates and assists its participants to preserve high quality, inexpensive and nutritious food. Using hot water bath and pressure techniques, participants learn using a hands-on approach. They preserve a variety of things, including tomatoes, salsa, a variety of vegetables, stews, fish, jams, jelly and a number of different apple products. There are two basic concepts of the Cannery:
    • Offers hands-on food preservation classes
    • Loans out food preservation equipment at no cost to income-eligible people and Community Garden members






New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina

  • Many NC State Extension centers offer canning workshops, and can check the gauge on pressure canners to determine if they are calibrated properly. An accurate gauge will assure a safe product if correct canning procedures are followed. a Pressure Canner is required for safely canning low-acid foods. The gauge should be checked each year prior to the canning season. To locate your NC county Extension center, To find your NC county Extension center, click here or look in the government section of your phone book under "North Carolina Cooperative Extension."
  • Blue Ridge Cannery - Commercial kitchen for rent
    4 Seasons at Beech Hotel (2nd floor), 608 Beech Mountain Parkway, Beech Mountain, NC. Phone: 828-260-8091. Alternate phone: 828-260-3919. Email: BLUERIDGECANNERYANDCREPES@HOTMAIL.COM. Directions: Level entry parking (no stairs) located in the back of hotel. We offer commercial Kitchen rental plans. When you are in need of a commercial kitchen to cook your product; crafting, pushcart vendors, bakers, and specialty-food makers, shoot TV shows, teach cooking classes, host food tastings, and other events, give us a call! Hourly use rates $25.00 - $40.00 per hr discounts offered for 20 + hours per month. 

North Dakota


  • Several programs in Ohio provide their licensed facilities for use by food entrepreneurs, such as ACEnet's Food Manufacturing and Commercial Kitchen Facility in Athens or CIFT's Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen in Bowling Green; these programs also provide additional support for developing food products.
    Athens, Ohio 740-592-3854.
  • Agricultural Incubator ;
    Bowling Green, Ohio 419-897-7858.
  • Glass Rooster Cannery - Canning classes, Canning facilities, restrooms, picnic area, school tours
    1673 South State Route 605, Sunbury, OH 43074. Phone: 614-499-2958. Alternate Phone: 740-815-4324. Email: Open: Classes offered Mondays 6 pm, Tuesdays 6 pm and Saturdays 10 am; Classes also scheduled by appointment; Visit us between 9 am and 5 pm Monday thru Saturday; Call for catering and event information. Directions: From Columbus: Take State Route 16 East to the first New Albany exit (New Albany Road). Go left and follow to Condit-New Albany Road (South State Route 605). Go right (north) on Condit-New Albany Road and follow for 6 miles. Look for our sign on the right. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check. Click here for our Facebook page. The Glass Rooster Cannery is an inviting facility offering lessons on home canning and preserving as well as facilities to can your own produce. We are the first of our kind in Ohio. Pay us a visit, tour the grounds and sign up for a class with a friend or a group. The Glass Rooster Home Cannery and Kitchen is a clean, inviting facility for novice and experienced cooks interested in storing a safe food supply efficiently from home grown sources. We offer classes on canning, food storage and home spun cooking. Resources to grow and buy in-season produce are available on site in addition to our line of homemade soup mixes, bread mixes and canned goods. We also offer box lunch catering including homemade bread products and in season salads. Our grounds are a wonderful place to take a walk and forget the stress of the day. Visit our site or call for more information or to schedule a class or private party. 
  • Jelly Lady ;
    Lebanon, Ohio 513-932-6470.
  • Ohio State University,  
    Columbus, Ohio. Jane Shall 614-292-7004 and/or Dr. Alvarez 614-688-4961.




Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota



  • Sunday Kitchen -
    372 Jones Street, Decatur, TN 37322. Phone: 423-802-2661. Email: Open: through the week, but we will add weekends as needed. We have a restroom. Payment: cash, check, do not take credit cards.  We have a source for used jars and rings. The owner writes on May 13, 2010: " Please see our website.....I am in the process of adding equipment to fit my customers needs......I am TDA inspected, fully licensed and insured....TDH inspected, FDA registered Commercial Kitchen and co-packing....individuals for home use... bakers, caterers, canners, added-value and specialty food producers, etc space available for classes"
  • Stanton Cannery -
    4 S Main Street, Stanton, TN 38069. Phone: (731) 548-6222.


  • Salt Lake City Welfare Square Cannery -
    See Joe Thompson.



  • Callaway Community Cannery -
    Phone: (540) 483-5538. Open: Monday- Thursday. Contact: Mr. Steve Oakes- Director.  Directions: located behind Callaway Elementary School.
  • Carroll County / Hillsville Cannery -
    497 Farmers Market Road, Hillsville, VA 24312. Phone:  (276) 728-7571. Approved Commercial Use/Community Use; VDACS Inspection Commercially (inspected by Virginia Department of Agriculture as open for production of commercial re-sale food items). Community Cannery for community to take home.
  • Caroline County / Bowling Green Cannery -
    Cannery Road, Bowling Green, VA. Residents of Bowling Green and Caroline County have the opportunity to use the Caroline County Cannery for the canning of fresh vegetables and food to reduce the grocery bill and extend the availability of locally grown produce through the winter to the next growing season.  The Cannery is provided by the Caroline County Board of Supervisors and operated by the Caroline County Department of Public Works. The Caroline County Cannery is located south of Bowling Green and adjacent to the Caroline County Community Services Center.  Take Route 301 South, pass the Community Services Center, turn on Cannery Road, and enter the Cannery parking area.  The Cannery is open on Tuesdays and Thursday from 8 am until 2 pm between July 1st and December 30th.  The Cannery staff will answer your questions, show you how to operate the equipment, and assist you through the entire canning process.  They are not available to do your canning or to clean the equipment and preparation area you use.  You must remain at the Cannery during the entire canning processing. See their website for more and current information. The Caroline Cannery uses only aluminum cans.  No glass jars are allowed.  The aluminum cans are available for purchase at the Cannery at a cost of $.35 cents each.You should bring clean produce, paring knives, aprons, dish cloths, towels, and any added ingredients you desire.  You may also want to bring boxes or baskets to transport your cans.
  • Castlewood Cannery -
    PO Box 1208, Lebanon, VA 24266. Phone:  (276) 889- 8000. Fax- (276) 889- 8011. Email: Contact: Mr. Jim Gillespie- Russell County Administrator.
  • Glade Hill Community Cannery -
    8081 Old Frankline Turnpike, Glade Hill, VA 24092. Phone: (540) 483-5538. Open: Monday- Thursday. Contact: Mr. Steve Oaks- Director.
  • Hanover County Cannery -
    Route 54, two miles east of Ashland, VA. Contact: Carol Van Goor. Phone: 804-365-6484. Open: UPDATE for 2023: It's hard to believe, but it looks like they closed down during COVID in 2020 and never reopened. Their website is gone and their Facebook page has not been updated since:  HanoverCommunityCannery facebook page. July 1 to October 31 except on Wednesdays; 1 pm to 7 pm on Monday and Tuesday; and 8:30 am to 1 pm on Thursday, Friday and Saturday; Open on Fridays in July and August only; September operations are by appointment only. Inspected by Virginia Department of Agriculture as open for production of commercial re-sale food items.
  • Honaker Cannery -
    PO Box 1208, Lebanon, VA 24266. Phone:  (276) 889- 8000. Fax- (276) 889- 8011. Email: Contact: Mr. Jim Gillespie- Russess County Administrator.
  • Keezletown Community Cannery - Local sales at our farm, sale, free, Other services , Other items,
    1688 Indian Trail Road, Keezletown, VA 22832. Phone: (540) 896-9947. Email: Open: The Cannery is open on Tuesdays and Fridays, and by appointment. Directions: Adjacent to the Kezzletown Elementary School. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check. Click here for our Facebook page. This is a local cannery that allows farmers to bring their produce and can it. The Keezletown Cannery is a nonprofit but we have a small users fee and accept additional donations.
  • Montgomery County Community Cannery -
    4163 Riner Road, Riner,  VA. For a small fee, the Riner facility provides equipment and trained operators to help residents preserve the summer harvest of beans, tomatoes and other vegetables. Some nonprofit groups also use the cannery to produce apple butter and other food items they then sell to raise funds. The cannery survives on an $8,000 operating budget and mostly volunteer labor.
  • New London Community Cannery -
    Bedford County Administration Office, 122 East Main Street (12404 E. Lynchburg Salem Turnpike), Bedford, VA 24523. Phone:  (434) 525-9706. Open: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 am until 1 pm, depending on workload.
  • Prince Edward Cannery and Commercial Kitchen -
    7916 Abilene Rd, Farmville, VA 23901. Phone: 434-960-8958. Email: Cannery can assist both home canners and commercial canners (creating foods intended for resale). Please see the Cannery's website for more information or VirginiaFoodWorks 
  • Riner Community Cannery - Montgomery County,
    4163 Riner Road, Riner, VA 24149. Contact: Ms. Carol Edmonds, Asst. County Administrator at Phone: (540) 382-6954. Email: Open: by Appointment 13 July- 15 November.
  • Shawnee Springs Market - cannery
    6656 N. Frederick Pike, Cross Junction, VA 22625. Phone: (540) 888-4164, FAX (540) 888-7963. Email: Directions: I-81 exit 317. Stay on Route 37 south until first exit. Get on Route 522 north, go approximately 12 miles; we're on the right hand side. Open: 6 am to 9 pm, daily, year round. Closed Christmas Day. Apples are picked and available late August - March. Fresh garden produce of all types available all summer. Pumpkin Patch in fall.
  • Stuarts Draft Community Cannery -
    Next door to the Old Schoolhouse Restaurant, Greenbriar Lnand, Stuarts Draft, VA 24477. Contact: Hershel Bridge at Phone: (540) 337- 2698.
  • Wythe County Community Cannery - Wythe County Vocational School,
    George Wythe High School, West Spiller Street, Wytheville, VA 24382.


  • Kent, Wash - A Mormon (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) owned and operated cannery exists here, but I have only found this one online article about it. The manager's name is given is Bill Lawrenson. An example all-inclusive cost from the article is $19.80 for a case of 12 pint jars; or $1.65 a jar.

West Virginia



LDS Canneries by State.

Most allow non-church members, but call to confirm.  Some may require a member to acconpany the non-member.

  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Calgary, Alberta, AB. Phone: (403) 571-3762.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Lethbridge, AB. Phone: (403) 320-1505. Alternate phone: (403) 320-1230.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Sherwood Park (Edmonton area), AB. Phone: (403) 464-3466. Alternate phone: (403) 464-3908.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Palmer (Anchorage area), AK. Phone: (907) 745-3617.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Mesa, AZ. Phone: (602) 967-8551. Alternate phone: (602) 833-1112.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Snowflake, AZ. Phone: (520) 536-3458. Alternate phone: (520) 739-4562.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    St. Johns, AZ. Phone: (520) 337-2436.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Tucson, AZ. Phone: (520) 745-6452. Alternate phone: (520) 749-9275.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Chico, CA. Phone: (530) 891-0175. Alternate phone: (530) 895-0479.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Colton, CA. Phone: (909) 824-0486. Alternate phone: (909) 794-1691.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Concord, CA. Phone: (510) 686-2224. Alternate phone: (707) 452-1488.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Fountain Valley, CA. Phone: (714) 437-9205. Alternate phone: (714) 847-8852.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Fresno, CA. Phone: (209) 255-7075. Alternate phone: (209) 434-3412.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Los Angeles, CA. Phone: (213) 261-6351. Alternate phone: (909) 627-2332.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Sacramento, CA. Phone: (916) 381-5150. Alternate phone: (209) 745-2202.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    San Diego, CA. Phone: (619) 279-2441. Alternate phone: (619) 421-8935.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Santa Clara, CA. Phone: (408) 986-1872. Alternate phone: (408) 281-1601.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Stockton, CA. Phone: (209) 943-1892. Alternate phone: (209) 239-2867.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Sylmar(San Fernando area), CA. Phone: (818) 833-6696. Alternate phone: (805) 297-2320.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Aurora (Denver area), CO. Phone: (303) 371-7650. Alternate phone: (303) 841-7786.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Davie (Fort Lauderdale area), FL. Phone: (954) 581-2165.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Jacksonville, FL. Phone: (904) 772-8997. Alternate phone: (954) 746-3731.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Plant City (Tampa area), FL. Phone: (813) 754-3845.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Tucker (Atlanta area), GA. Phone: (770) 908-5782. Alternate phone: (770) 279-8178.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Honolulu, HI. Phone: (808) 841-6311. Alternate phone: (808) 488-2955.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Burley, ID. Phone: (208) 678-0434. Alternate phone: (208) 678-9366.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Garden City, ID. Phone: (208) 375-7893. Alternate phone: (208) 895-8623.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Idaho Falls, ID. Phone: (208) 529-2201. Alternate phone: (208) 523-8957.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Pocatello, ID. Phone: (208) 233-1937. Alternate phone: (208) 233-9256.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Naperville (Chicago area), IL. Phone: (630) 369-1379. Alternate phone: (847) 639-7325.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Indianapolis, IN. Phone: (317) 872-1754.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Slidell(New Orleans area), LA. Phone:  (504) 646-2550.
  • LDS Cannery -
    231 Brooks St, Worcester, MA 01606. Phone: 508-595-9319. Suggested by a visitor, ADDED: November 14, 2012)
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Worcester, MA. Phone: (508) 853-6937. Alternate phone: (508) 791-0998.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Upper Marlboro (Washington, DC area), MD. Phone: (301) 735-5439.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Farmington Hill (Detroit area), MI. Phone: (248) 553-2508. Alternate phone: (248) 528-3915.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Apple Valley (Minneapolis area), MN. Phone: (612) 473-8246.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Bridgeton (St. Louis area), MO. Phone: (314) 344-0049. Alternate phone: (314) 441-7764.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Kansas City, MO. Phone: (816) 453-4269. Alternate phone: (816) 737-0426.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Missoula, MT. Phone: (406) 721-6914. Alternate phone: (406) 728-2381.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Greensboro, NC. Phone: (910) 668-2994. Alternate phone: (910) 545-1510.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Bridgeport (Philadelphia area), NJ. Phone: (609) 467-0031.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Piscataway, NJ. Phone: (908) 777-9440.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Albuqueque, NM. Phone: (505) 877-8620. Alternate phone: (505) 293-3320.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Farmington, NM. Phone: (505) 326-3506.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Las Vegas, NV. Phone: (702) 649-2852. Alternate phone: (702) 565-3062.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Sparks (Reno area), NV. Phone: (702) 358-8948. Alternate phone: (702) 358-8595.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Canandaigua, NY. Phone: (716) 394-4435. Alternate phone: (716) 352-6228.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Groveport, OH. Phone: (614) 836-2627. Alternate phone: (614) 870-7664.
  • Church of the the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Hiram (Cleveland area), OH. Phone: (330) 569-3113. Alternate phone: (330) 274-0220.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Oklahoma City, OK. Phone: (405) 691-6788. Alternate phone: (405) 364-5982.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Etobicoke (Toronto area), ON. Phone: (416) 255-1777. Alternate phone: (905) 796-8507.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Portland, OR. Phone: (503) 777-5815. Alternate phone: (503) 848-0110.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Springfield (Eugene area), OR. Phone: (541) 746-6217. Alternate phone: (541) 688-5878.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    St. Paul, OR. Phone: (503) 633-4433. Alternate phone: (503) 922-3851.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    White City (Medford area), OR. Phone: (541) 826-4640. Alternate phone: (541) 826-7194.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Columbia, SC. Phone: (803) 736-0324.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Hendersonville (Nashville, TN) (615) 822-5584.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Knoxville, TN. Phone: (423) 694-4973. Alternate phone: (423) 988-6875.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Carrollton (Dallas area), TX. Phone: (972) 242-8595. Alternate phone: (972) 985-9810.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    El Paso, TX. Phone: (915) 566-1335.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Houston, TX. Phone: (281) 537-1786. Alternate phone: (281) 550-4562.
  • Church of the the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Castle Dale, UT. Phone: (435) 381-2253.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Cedar City, UT. Phone: (435) 586-8682. Alternate phone: (435) 586-4615.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Delta, UT. Phone: (435) 864-4753. Alternate phone: (435) 864-3017.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Fillmore, UT. Phone: (435) 743-6641. Alternate phone: (435) 743-5334.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Kaysville, UT. Phone: (801) 543-1855. Alternate phone: (801) 544-5802.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Lindon, UT. Phone: (435) 785-0998. Alternate phone: (435) 785-5051.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Logan, UT. Phone: (435) 752-6425. Alternate phone: (435) 753-4843.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Magna, UT. Phone: (801) 250-5350. Alternate phone: (801) 266-7708.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Manti, UT. Phone: (435) 835-7902.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Midway, UT. Phone: (435) 654-5674.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Moroni, UT. Phone: (435) 436-8244. Alternate phone: (435) 436-8646.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Murray, UT. Phone: (801) 266-1460. Alternate phone: (801) 272-3949.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Nephi, UT. Phone: (435) 623-1602.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Ogden, UT. Phone: (801) 399-3723. Alternate phone: (801) 782-9134.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Price, UT. Phone: (435) 637-2409. Alternate phone: (435) 637-0509.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Roosevelt, UT. Phone: (435) 722-2540. Alternate phone: (435) 722-2189.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Sandy, UT. Phone: (801) 561-0214. Alternate phone: (801) 966-4049.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Sigurd, UT. Phone: (435) 896-5443.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    St. George, UT. Phone: (435) 673-3491. Alternate phone: (435) 652-4361.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Vernal, UT. Phone: (435) 789-9058. Alternate phone: (435) 789-1871.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Welfare Square (Salt Lake area), UT. Phone: (801) 240-7370.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Chesterfield (Richmond area), VA. Phone: (804) 743-1018. Alternate phone: (804) 478-5811.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Kennewick, WA. Phone: (509) 735-6454. Alternate phone: (541) 922-3851.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Kent (Seattle area), WA. Phone: (253) 852-8552. Alternate phone: (253) 852-8552.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Mount Vernon, WA. Phone: (360) 424-0335. Alternate phone: (360) 853-7918.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Spokane, WA. Phone: (509) 928-2535. Alternate phone: (509) 328-5754.
  • Church of the Latter Day Saints Cannery -
    Green River, WY. Phone: (307) 875-3800.


British Columbia

United kingdom


See this page for community kitchens in Australia