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Farm Jobs and Farm Employment Opportunities in the United States

Farm Jobs and Farm Employment Opportunities in the United States

Are you a farmer looking for seasonal workers? Or a student looking for a summer farm job?  This page, as far as we can tell, is the most complete, current and comprehensive listing of farm job search websites and engines. While pick-your-own farms obviously employ fewer staff than regular farms, they still need some help.

If you HAVE farm jobs to offer and need workers, you can add your information to this page for free. Just fill out the simple form on this page.


  • Jackson Citrus  is a farm labor contractor that works with the U.S. Department of Labor's H2A: Temporary Agricultural Employment of Foreign Workers program. Since 1973, we have been providing reliable labor services to farms in the southeast United States. Agricultural workers are typically in high demand yet there is a short supply of American workers willing and/or able to fill these jobs. Jackson Citrus helps farmers and greenhouse growers get the help they need by recruiting nonimmigrant laborers (H2A workers) to perform agricultural labor services of a temporary or seasonal nature. Currently we provide migrant labor to growers in: Florida, Michigan, Illinois, The NE, and SE United States. If your organization needs help harvesting fruits, vegetables, botanicals, or other crops we would appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Marshall County

  • Tillman Farms formerly Pertics Blueberry Plantation - blueberries, some raspberries
    618 S Michigan St, LaPaz, IN, 46537. Phone: 574-784-3331. Email: [email protected].  Payment: They do take credit cards. Note: you can fill out a postcard there one summer, and they will drop them in the mail next summer when the berries are ripe for picking. Tillman Farms Facebook page.   Tillman Farms is now hiring summer help for the season. Work will start late June and continue through early August! This is a great opportunity for high school kids that need flexible hours. Please send inquiries for applications to [email protected]


New Hampshire

  • Kroka - ,
    767 NH Route 123, Marlow, NH 03456. Phone: (603) 903-4231. Email: [email protected].
    Job description: Kroka Expeditions is an educational farm with some outside sales. Position includes simple room and board and living in an amazing community. Farm assistant position is needed July through October. Work involves vegetable production, livestock (chickens/cows) and education (working with students on the farm). Contact Lynne at [email protected] with interest or questions.. Ability to work in all kinds of weather. Passionate about farming and the hard work it entails. Ability to work alone with a list, alongside others or in the lead with a crew of farm apprentices or students. Familiarity with farm machinery (tractor with implements) a plus. Familiarity with cows/chickens. Some experience working on vegetable production. Positive attitude. Clear direct communication style.
    Other: Kroka is a wilderness education school ( farm is a big part of the curriculum as well as producing food for the staff and students and the outside community. We have a small dairy, laying hens, honey bees and a work pony. We have couple of acres of vegetables, berries and fruit trees. We farm using organic and biodynamic practices.. Directions: See their website for directions. Click here for a map and directions. (ADDED: June 26, 2020)


Kaufman County

  • BFF Agriculture -
    Breeden Fresh Farms, 13831 FM 1392, Terrell, TX 75160, Phone: (480) 287-3810.
    Job description: Organic Hydroponic Greenhouse Team Member needed! Daily tasks include harvesting and packaging organic lettuce for shipment in an often warm (80s) and humid environment, using a powerwasher to clean boards, and following food safety guidelines (training is provided). Lifting is required at times, no more than 30-40 lbs. . We are looking for motivated team members who are reliable, friendly, and have good attention to detail. Agricultural food safety experience is a bonus. We respect each other and good communication is vital. We are laid back but work hard!
    Other: We work 6am to 3pm to beat the heat as much as possible.. Directions: See their website for directions. Click here for a map and directions. (ADDED: July 29, 2020)

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