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Aaron's Apple House, Ellijay, GA

Aaron's Apple House, Ellijay, GA

Wide selection, PYO  by appointment

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Aaron's Apple House

Aaron's Apple House

52 East Ellijay, GA 30536.

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Phone: (706) 273-3180      Email:

Open: August through December 9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week

Directions: 8.5 miles East of Ellijay on Hwy. 52

Aaron's Apple HouseProduce: Apples, cider, peaches, grapes, jams, jellies, relishes, honey, syrup, apple cakes, strudels, cookies, bread, fried pies. Our jams, jellies and relishes collection has increased, and we also now offer cider slushies, boiled peanuts, fritters, Apple Bread, caramel apples, and many other various products. We are re-branding ourselves as Aaron Family Orchards, and have done almost a complete remodel. If you would like, visit our Facebook Page for updated photos. We now do PYO by Appointment

They have a good variety of apples and other pre-picked fresh produce.

Last check on prices was 2014: $4 quarter peck, $6 per half-peck, $12 per peck, $16 per half-bushel. $6 per half bushel for seconds/culls (when they have them)


A nice, clean, roadside market with a plentiful selection of apples, preserves and conversation.


Aaron's Apple HouseAaron's Apple Varieties

Below is a listing of the apple varieties that they typically carry, in order that they typically start to be harvested in Ellijay. Be sure to call a couple weeks before they are due to start harvesting, as the actual date varies from year to year! Ellijay apple orchards usually have apples for sale from August to late December.


Variety Photo Start harvesting Flavor Best uses


August 1 Very sweet Eating, applesauce, apple butter, pies
Ginger Gold

Ginger Gold apple

Early Sweet Eating
Detroit Red

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August 1 Tart Cooking
Ozark Gold

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August 1 Tart Cooking


August 15 Tart Cooking
Red Delicious August 15 Sweet Eating
Golden Delicious August 15 Sweet Cooking / Eating


August 20 Tart Cooking
Honey Crisp

August 20 Sweet Eating
September Wonder   September 1 Sweet Very Sweet, Eating, good to blend with other apples in applesauce and cooking
Mutsu September 1 Sweet / Tart Cooking / Eating
Jonagold September 1 Sweet / Tart Cooking / Eating
Rome Beauty

Rome Beauty apple

September 15 Slightly Tart Cooking / Eating
Stayman - Wine sap September 15 Tart Cooking / Eating


October 10 Very sweet Eating, applesauce, apple butter, pies, cooking
Granny Smith October 15 Tart Cooking / Eating

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October 20 Sweet Eating
Arkansas Black

October 20 Tart Baking, Eating (very hard apple)
Pink Lady

October 20 Sweet Eating

Also, see our pages on tips for picking apples at a farm, easy illustrated directions to make applesauce, apple butter, apple jelly and apple pie; the guide to apple festivals and our guide to apple varieties! NEW! Please write me, if you know of any to add!