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Facebook Page or Website for your Business

Facebook Page or Website for your Business?

Which is better and why?


Facebook pages are free and you can maintain them yourself. Websites cost money.  It's a no brainer.

Or is it?

Advantages of Facebook pages

  • You pay nothing
  • It is generally easy to use

Disadvantages of Facebook pages

  • Your business is at the mercy of Facebook policies and desires.  They can shut you down at any moment for any reason. Or no reason. Or one complaint.
  • Facebook owns the portal to your business
  • Facebook owns all the photos and content you post on it.

Advantages of Websites

  • You own and control the content, photos, everything.
  • Can can control every aspect and detail of the look, feel and function, if you desitre.
  • You can use simple templates instead, if you just want fast and easy.
  • There are easy to use flexible formats like Wordpress, Wix, Weebly etc.with many canned plugiin features, like surveys and spam blockers.
  • You can use it along side a Facebook page for double the exposure online.

Disadvantages of Disadvantages of Websites

  • It costs money:
    • $5 to $25 per month for th hosting
    • $10/year for the domain name
  • If you are an absolute technical Luddite, you have to find a 10 year old to make changes for you?

If I haven't convinced you to keep your website up and running, then

For the Love of God, at least pay the $10/year to GoDaddy and KEEP YOUR DOMAIN NAME. 

That way, you can at least:

  • redirect your website to your Facebook page and NOT lose all the links and traffic on other websites, search engines, etc.
  • go back to a website when you finally wake up and realize how Facebook does not care one bit about you or your business and could care less if your business or farm succeeds or fails.