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Food Dehydration - Step 4 - After Drying

Food Dehydration - Step 4 - Fruit, After Drying

Dry your own fruits, vegetables and other foods

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After Drying (for fruit only)

  1. Allow dried FRUIT (not vegetables) time to "condition":
    When dry, allow fruit to "condition" for four to 10 days before packaging for storage.
    The moisture content of home dried fruit should be about 20 percent. Vegetables should be more dry (brittle), around 10%. When the fruit or vegetable is taken from the dehydrator, the remaining moisture may not be distributed equally among the pieces because of their size or their location in the dehydrator. Conditioning is the process used to equalize the moisture. It reduces the risk of mold growth. 
  2. If you sun-dried the fruit, you need to pasteurize it. See this page about pasteurization.
  3. To condition the fruit, take the dried fruit that has cooled and: 
    • Pack it loosely in plastic or glass jars.
    • Seal the containers and let them stand for 7 to 10 days. The excess moisture in some pieces will be absorbed by the drier pieces.
    • Shake the jars daily to separate the pieces and check the moisture condensation. If condensation develops in the jar, return the fruit to the dehydrator for more drying.
  4. After conditioning, package and store the fruit as described in the next step.

Post drying treatment

Post-drying pasteurization is usually NOT needed.  It is only needed IF you let the foods stand out without protection from bugs  and used a less safe drying method like sun drying.

If you sulfur-treated the fruits or  dried in the over or dehydrator and package them right away, just skip to Packaging 


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