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Looking for Ohio Commercial Kitchens, Community Kitchens, Licensed Kitchens, Shared Kitchens - Places to make foods to sell in 2023?  Scroll down this page and  follow the links. And if you bring home some fruit or vegetables and want to can, freeze, make jam, salsa or pickles, see this page for simple, reliable, illustrated canning, freezing or preserving directions. There are plenty of other related resources, click on the resources dropdown above.  If you are having a hard time finding canning lids, I've used these, and they're a great price & ship in 2 days.

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Ohio Commercial Kitchens, Community Kitchens, Licensed Kitchens, Shared Kitchens - Places to make foods to sell

Ohio Commercial Kitchens, Community Kitchens, Licensed Kitchens, Shared Kitchens -
Places to make foods to sell!

A licensed kitchen is an inspected, registered commercial kitchen where foods intended for sale can be safely made, in accordance with laws and regulations. While many states allow some low-risk foods to be made at home and sold in smaller quantities, many foods intended for sale can only be made in a licensed kitchen. If you want to make and sell your home-made preserves, salsa, spaghetti sauce, refrigerated foods or whatever, you will need a licensed kitchen to prepare and can the food. many licensed kitchens open their doors at low cost to local food entrepreneurs. If you would rather have a company make and package the food product for you, see this list of copackers in Ohio

Many commercial kitchens have closed, either temporarily, or permanently due to COVID-19. If you have an update about a kitchen, please click here to write me!

If you are have a licensed kitchen wishing to be added to this list, add your information here.

Commercial Kitchens, Community Kitchens, Licensed Kitchens and Shared Kitchens

Note: You may find it is required by your state take the ServSafe® training classes for Manager and employees. It certainly is advisable, in any case. You can get the ServSafe® Handbook that accompanies the course here.

  • 1400 Food Lab -
    1400 Dublin Road, Columbus Ohio 43215. Phone: (614) 636-3164. A maker space for food and drink in Columbus, OH with 16,000 sf of commercial kitchen, production, and event space for aspiring food entrepreneurs, professional chefs, and food enthusiasts.
  • ACE Net - Shared use kitchen, co-packing
    94 Columbus Rd., Athens, OH 45701. Phone: 740-592-3854. Contact: Larry Fisher, Director, Food Ventures Center.
  • Appalachian Center for Economic Networks (ACEnet) - Community Kitchen Incubator
    Athen, OH.  Equipment includes convection ovens, a rotating oven, a hooded ten-burner stove, commercial size mixers, braising tray, commercial processing kettles, a semi-automated labeling machine, automated bottling line and a vacuum-packing machine. Business incubation, Loan funds, Marketing & Distribution, Product Development.
  • Cleveland Culinary Launch & Kitchen -
    2800 Euclid Ave, #150, Cleveland, OH 44101. stations for Canning, Catering or Baking and Prep Stations also for production that is not required to be under an exhaust hood Sessions available to learn about food regulations, pricing/financials, marketing, product development, labeling/packaging.
  • Common Wealth Kitchen Incubator -
    Youngstown, OH.   The incubator is open to producers interested in baked goods, catering, sauces and salsa, jams and jellies, canned goods, condiments, value-added produce, pasta, dry mixes, fruits and berries, beverages and other specialty or gourmet goods and other items of choice. Business counselors are available to assist with business planning, product development and marketing.
  • Food Industry Center at Ohio State University -
    Columbus, OH.  Equipment includes cheese vats, ice cream freezer, pasteurizer, homogenizer, bread equipment, canning equipment, dehydrator,  freeze dryer, fryers, mixers,  ovens, snack foods equipment. Assistance with product development, nutrition labeling, etc.
  • Local Roots - Community and Commercial Processing Kitchen
    Wooster, OH. Processors can produce many items, such as fresh packed precut produce, prepared dips, salsa (not canned), frozen food items, and baked goods. Facility does not have a canning and bottling license, but renters can process with their own license.
  • Muskingum County Business Incubator FoodWorks Alliance -
    Zanesville, OH.  Ovens, stoves and jacketed kettles Product Development, ingredient sourcing, packaging and labeling, shelf life information, nutrition analysis, marketing strategies, licensing compliance and business development
  • Northwest Ohio Cooperative Kitchen -
    Bowling Green, OH.  They have a baking and canning license; equipment includes stove, bakery depth convection oven, tilting braiser, Hobart mixer, refrigerator and freezer, and state-of-the-art IQF freezer Assistance is available for entrepreneurs pursuing the food industry. Certain small business development services carry a nominal fee.
  • Prep Kitchen-CLE -
    1305 Washington Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44113. Prep Kitchen-CLE is a shared-use kitchen and incubator, designed to help meet production needs for already established food businesses, caterers, and entrepreneurs. Based on a proven model, Prep differentiates itself from local competition by providing value added services and relationships for its business tenants, further fostering their success.
    They provide a full array of chef and prep equipment. It's unique in that there are three aspects to our kitchen allowing us to serve every single community member. We have the Chef's Kitchen, Prep Kitchen, and our Chef's Table that's able to rented by smaller groups and companies for private dinners. The purpose of our kitchen is to not only help small businesses succeed, but to bring people together. If there's one thing Clevelanders do well, it's using food to create a strong community.
  • The Hildebrandt Provisions Company Community Kitchen  -
    Cleveland, OH. For the culinary entrepreneur, they provide variety of space and tools to help budding artist and food entrepreneurs.
  • Other Resources

    If you still can't find a suitable kitchen, you may need a co-packers.  Co-packers manufacture and package foods for other companies - and small food businesses - to sell.   See this list of co-packers in your area.


    Where can I find more information about canning?

    For more than 250 specific, simple recipes with step-by-step directions and photos; and general information on canning and food preservation, see this page.

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