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What's in season in September 2023, and other timely information:

Notes for September 2023: Summer is almost over and that means apples are here (see this new page for Apple Orchards in your area!), and except in northern areas, peaches and blueberries are finished. Some crops continue until frost, like raspberries, blackberries, figs, corn and tomatoes. Check your area's specific crop calendar (see this page) and call your local farms for seasonal updates.

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San Antonio area of Texas U-Pick Farms and Orchards in 2023, by county

Click on the resources drop-down above, if you need a county map.

See the Poteet Strawberry Festival on the Texas strawberry festivals page here.

Atascosa County

  • 4G Reyes Farms - strawberries
    590 E Ditto Road, Poteet, Texas 78065. Phone: (830) 570-1630. Alternate phone: (830) 570-5529. Email: Open: in season, typically from 10am to 4pm or until sold out, but the also close when the weather is bad, so always email, call, see their page, etc.  (ADDED: April 14, 2023, JBS)
  • Anachey Strawberries - ORGANIC, strawberries
    189 Schuettig Rd, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: (830) 200-5878. Open: Call or see their Facebook page; note as of April 2023, their Facebook page seems to always be "offline" whatever that means. Mouth watering locally grown organic strawberries from the Strawberry Capital of Texas. Smack dab in the middle of South Texas lies a farm off in the distance that grows strawberries of the highest quality. Come join us to take in this beautiful Texas weather for our "Pick Your Own" where you can harvest the best looking and tasting strawberries along with homemade jam. For hours of operation and appointments please contact Micheal Vela at 830-200-5878 or David Anthony Vela at 210-347- 6805. Also like us on Facebook !. Anachey Strawberries is proud to announce our second location heading to Fultonville, New York!
  • Five Cousins' Strawberry Patch - strawberries, U-pick and already picked
    575 Rutledge Road, Poteet, TX 78654. Phone: (830) 570-4175. Email: Open: Monday to Sunday by appointment; February 22 to May 13 Please call ahead. Directions: From Poteet: Travel .5 miles north on Rutledge Road. Turn left into the driveway with the "Five Cousins' Strawberry Patch" sign. Click here for a map and directions. Strawberry season typically runs from the end of February to the middle of May;. Payment: Cash, Check. Click here for our Facebook page. We are three cousins: Hallie (11 yrs), Hannah (12 yrs) and Tess (9 yrs) (plus 2 more apparently) and we are helping to raise, harvest, and sell strawberries with our grandfather. We have a small patch of berries and you can pick them for yourself or we will pick them for you. Please call before you come so that we can let you know what is available and when might be the best time. (Formerly called Hallie's Strawberry Patch ) (UPDATED: April 14, 2018, JBS)
  • Fresas by Aldalin - strawberries, you pick or already picked,
    5155 County Rd. 307, Jourdanton, TX 78026. Phone: 210-620-4840. Email: Open: hours vary, call or see thier Facebook page, Please contact us ahead of time to reserve your picking time.. Fresas is a U-Pick Farm established in 2019.Strawberries can either be picked to order for your convenience or you can enjoy the experience of picking your own fresh berries. When you stop by, we will have multiple types of Strawberry Jams and numerous other Strawberry treats available for purchase. (ADDED: February 25, 2021, JBS)
  • Garcia Farms North - strawberries
    745 Rutledge Road, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: (830) 200-9118.  (ADDED: April 14, 2023, JBS)
  • HR Farms - strawberries
    3457 Brown Road, Poteet, Texas 78065. Phone: (210) 872-9368. Open: unknown, they have no website, Facebook page, instragram or anything else online, but they are on the Poteet festival page saying they have U-pick. So, I'm afraid you'll have to call.   (ADDED: April 14, 2023, JBS)
  • Jim Collums Farm - strawberries
    400 Tank Hollow Road, Poteet, Texas 78065. Phone: (210) 315-0056. Open: unknown since he has no website, Facebook page, instragram or anything else online, other than being on the Poteet festival page saying he has U-pick. So, I'm afraid you'll have to call him.  (ADDED: April 14, 2023, JBS)
  • KH Farm - strawberries, U-pick and already picked, restrooms, picnic area you may bring your own food
    200 West Tank Hollow Road, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: 830-570-3090. Email: Open: March 1 to June 30, Monday, Thursday, Friday: 8:30 am to 4 pm; Saturday and Sunday 8 am to 4 pm. See our Facebook page for updated hours The ONLY pyo crop offered is strawberries. Directions: From San Antonio, Texas: south on Interstate Highway 35, South on State Highway 16. Right,(west) onto Farmed Market Road 476. Left on Farmed Market Road 1333. Go 2 miles. Turn right at the KH Farm sign and follow the signs along the lane to our farm. From Laredo: North on Interstate Highway 35. Right on State Highway 173. Left on Farmed Market 1333. Left at the KH Farm sign. Follow the signs along the lane to our farm. Strawberries season is typically: March 10 to May 30; Blackberries : May 10 to June 30, Peaches and Plums: May 15 to July 10, all citrus November 15 to December 31;. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa, MasterCard. Other items for sell at KH Farm: Jams, Mixes, cookbooks, miscellaneous items for souvenirs. Other vegetables may be available seasonally. Pick your own strawberries or purchase a basket of pre-picked berries. *A Maze and other Activities for the kids*, Lots of Photo Opportunities. Face Painting. Funnel Cakes, Snow cones, Nachos, Frito Pie, Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Hotdogs, & More!! Come experience a little of the farm life & leave with a little taste of the season. Each visit will bring a fresh experience.(UPDATED: May 21, 2020)
  • Kosub Farms Strawberries - No pesticides are used strawberries, Fresh eggs, U-pick and already picked, gift shop, concessions or refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area you may bring your own food, farm animals
    3425 Coble Road, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: (210) 385-7302. Email: Open: Hours and availability of fresh strawberries varies considerably; please call or email for current availability and hours; Generally season starts mid March through May. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Strawberry season is typically March 16 to May 18; Our season opening is usually around mid-March;. We do not use pesticides on the crops. Payment: Cash, Debit cards, Visa, MasterCard. Our farm features a "country store" with homemade items; such as jam, jelly, soap, jewelry, antiques and more. (ADDED: March 06, 2019)
  • Mmm Farms - strawberries
    2750 FM 2504, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: (830) 480-4704.Open: call or see their Facebook page. Mmm Strawberries was established In 2017 by Manuel Ramos Jr and wife Norma Ramos. Pronounced 3M for Manuel Jr and our sons Manuel III & Miguel Antonio. (ADDED: February 25, 2021, JBS)
  • Poteet Sweet Strawberries - strawberries
    2965 FM 2504, Poteet, Texas 78065. Phone: (210) 364-8188. Alternate phone: 210-273-4301. Email:  (ADDED: April 14, 2023, JBS)
  • Poteet,Texas Strawberryville Farm - strawberries
    9022 W FM-476, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: 210-413-5827. Email: Open: Typically in March and April - of course, with COVID call or email to see what will be happeneing and when. Directions: Our farm is located West of the City of Poteet in the Rossville area. (ADDED: February 25, 2021, JBS)
  • Ramos Farm - strawberries
    404 Brooks Lane, Poteet, Texas 78065. Phone: (434) 841-2016. Alternate phone: (830) 742-2956. Open: unknown, they have no website, Facebook page, instragram or anything else online, but they are on the Poteet festival page saying they have U-pick. So, I'm afraid you'll have to call.   (ADDED: April 14, 2023, JBS)
  • So Tex Farms - strawberries
    2425 Strawberry City Road, Poteet, Texas 78065. Phone: (210) 551-5842. Alternate phone: (210) 632-4472.  (ADDED: April 14, 2023, JBS)
  • Stevens Farm and Ranch - strawberries
    425 McCaughan Rd, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: 210-842-1489. Phone: 210-842-4289. Email: Open: Saturdays from 9 a.m. until 6 pm or picked out, whichever comes first. If we still have berries available, we will also open on Sunday from noon until 4 pm. Directions: approximately one mile north of Poteet at 425 Mc- Caughan Road. We grow strawberries for you and your families to pick. We will have other produce available later in the season available at the local farmer's markets. Picked Strawberries are available by the flat, half-flat and quart. We also have several jams and jellies available, many made from strawberries! We do pick strawberries during the week. They are available for pick up Tuesday through Thursday in the evenings.
  • Three Amigos and 1/2 Strawberry Patch - strawberries, U-pick and already picked
    394 Amphion Rd, Poteet , TX 78065. Phone: (210) 393-7619. Email: Open: Monday to Sunday by appointment only; Please call. Directions: From San Antonio, head South on Highway 16 to Poteet. Continue on Highway 16 to Amphion Road (look for the Strawberry Festival South Parking lot sign at the car wash). Turn right onto Amphion Road and continue for aprox 1/2 mile. Go through the back gate (at the 3 water tanks) of the Strawberry Festival Grounds. We are located under the big oak tree to the left of the red barns. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, only. Click here for our Facebook page. (ADDED: March 03, 2022)
  • Walo's Strawberry Farm - strawberries
    1060 Briones Rd, Poteet, TX 78065. Phone: (830) 200-7161. Email: Open: nothing announced yet. (ADDED: February 25, 2021, JBS)
  • Willo-berry Farms - strawberries
    6457 N. Hwy 281, Pleasanton, TX 78064. Phone: 903-818-6794. Phone: 252-725-5930. Email: Open: see their Facebook page or call. The 2020 season marks our second year as growers.We typically sell pre-picked flats. This year we are accepting u-pickers by appointment only. We also sell homemade strawberry jam and jelly. (ADDED: February 25, 2021, JBS)

Bandera County

  • Imagine Lavender Farm - No pesticides are used, lavender, gift shop, picnic area
    17582 Farm To Market 337 East, Vanderpool, TX 78885. Phone: 830-966-5105. Alternate Phone: 830-589-7467. Email: Open: Friday to Saturday 9 am to 5 pm, Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm; We also accept appointments during the week. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Picking updates: Click here for picking updates. Directions: 17 miles West of Medina, Texas, on highway 337 East; 3 miles east of Vanderpool. We are located on the north side of the road. Click here for a map and directions. Main Lavender Harvest: May 1st through July 4th weekend; Second Lavender Harvest: October 15th through November 28th. We do not use pesticides on the crops. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover.
  • Love Creek Orchards - apples, blackberries, figs, peaches, persimmons, Cider mill fresh apple cider made on the premises, U-pick and already picked, gift shop, concessions or refreshment stand, porta-potties are available, picnic area, face painting, pony rides, petting zoo, farm animals, birthday parties, school tours, events at your location (call for info)
    14024 State highway 16 North, Medina, TX 78055. Phone: 830-529-2202. Alternate Phone: 210-215-1995. Fax: 830-589-2880. Email: Open: Monday through Saturday from 9:30 TO 4:30 and Sunday 10:30 to 4:30 during picking season. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Directions: 13 miles north of Bandera Texas on highway 16 North. Click here for a map and directions. Pick your own Apples begin in July through September Pick your own Blackberries begin in June through July Pick your own Figs begin in August through September; Persimmons Late Sept, Oct; Pick Your own Peaches begin in June Great Hill Country Pumpkin Patch is open to the public every Saturday, Sunday and Monday in October and open for school tours on every Thursday and Friday in October. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. Click here for our Facebook page. Love Creek Orchards opens seasonally for pick your own fruit. Usually we begin in April and May with fresh blackberries. July we offer fresh tree-ripened apples and in August we offer some of the sweetest figs in Texas. We also offer a great selection of persimmons in October. Check the web site for picking dates and times. As with all fresh fruit, we are dependent on Mother Nature. The best time to pick is when fruit is at their peak of ripeness. When you come to pick, we provide the containers for picking. Prices are generally based on current market prices at the time of picking. We have a picnic area near the orchard for you to enjoy a picnic lunch if you want to bring one or visit the Apple Store just up the road from the orchard and eat at the Patio Cafe The Patio cafe was listed among the Top 40 best Small Town Restaurants in Texas by Texas Monthly Magazine. No Entrance or Parking Fees! Pay for what you Pick!

Bexar County

Comal County

  • Omi's Place - grapes, free range, Pasture-raised eggs, Black Spanish and white table grapes, and honey from hives on the farm
    20192 FM 2252, Comal, TX 78266. Phone: (210) 854-5889. Open: We are harvesting grapes starting on Saturday, in mid-July, It is a good idea to call first , Saturday and Sunday, 8 am to 5pm. Directions: from san Antonio take interstate highway 35 north to exit farm market 3009 (about 3 miles past loop 1604). exit and go left on 3009 one mile to farm market 2252 and turn right. go one mile to our farm on your right. look for enter sign. Payment: Cash, Check. At Omi's (O-me's) Farm, just outside Garden Ridge, Texas, we have been raising egg laying chickens for over 50 years. Joanita Reed (Omi), nationally acclaimed Tri-Athlete and founder of NBJ School of Swimming, believed in living healthy as well as insuring her animals lived healthy. One huge part of her daily regimen, besides a 4 hour workout, was the regular daily consumption of a 1/2 dozen of her chicken's Pasture Raised eggs. These chickens foraged at will, never knowing the inside of a cage. Her pasture raised eggs tradition continues today under the watchful eye of her daughter, granddaughter and great granddaughters. The only noticeable difference being the size of their flock, which now enables the family to share their eggs with the public. The 30 Acre farm allows the public to walk up to purchase eggs. With retirement looming for the current grandparents, they believe that adding honey bees to the farm is a real possibility in 2017 , making their first honey harvest possible in 2018/19. *Harvest white table grapes in July and Black Spanish in August. These are black Spanish grapes. good for wine/jelly/juice (have seeds). regardless of what your needs are you should always call before coming out. if you are a wine maker, July 26 may be too early for the sweetest grapes which will come later. Our brix % (sugar) last year reached 18% at best. the grape harvest has a 2 to 3 week window and then we eat raisins (jk). Our grapes are Black Spanish and green table grapes. The ONLY pyo crop offered is grapes. (UPDATED: July 01, 2018)

Frio County

Gillespie County

The peach season typically runs from mid-May through mid-August.

  • Jenschke Orchards - Peaches
    Highway East 290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Phone: 830-997-8422. Email: Open: for the season each mid- May, 8am to 8pm every day and You can "Pick your Own" any time we're open. We offer the "Pick-Your-Own" experience as well as buying from the Roadside 290 Stand. We are elated if an individual/group wants to experience the rapture of being in the peach orchard. One can soak up the ambience of the peach orchard as well as delight in taste-testing the current varieties as you amble about among the beautiful peach trees in the orchard. Many families have delighted in taking family pictures in this outstanding peach environment. Others have engaged in family picnics in the middle of the amazing atmosphere of the peach orchard. We Only Sell Peaches We Grow. Click here for a link to our Facebook page.
  • Marburger Orchard - Wholesale now.
    Fredericksburg, TX. Open: UPDATE for 2019: The owner asked to be removed, saying "Marburger Orchard is no longer open for retail and pick-your-own sales. (with occasional exceptions!!). We now Wholesale to a local grower"
  • Tuscany on the Pedernales Peach Farm - peaches
    1349 Ranch Road 1376, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Phone: 682-553-9287. Email: Open: They may be closed after 2016; there is NOTHING current anywhere to be found and their webpage is gone. call or email for dates, hours and availability of peaches. Does anyone know if they are still in business? If so, please write me! Directions: 1.3 miles south of US290 on FM 1376, east side of the road. For a map, click here and see #9 on the Map. Twenty-five Peach Varieties developed for the Hill Country of Texas. Irrigated farm with a Conservation ethic. (UPDATED: April 14, 2018, JBS)
  • Vogel Orchard - peaches, pumpkin patch
    12862 US-290, Fredericksburg, TX 78624. Phone: (830) 644-2404. Email: Open: Peaches from mid-May to early August; Directions: 2 Miles West of Stonewall. We should have a good crop of peaches this season! We look forward to seeing you this season, likely starting around the first week of May. Vogel Orchard continues to offer may of the same items that it has for many years, including peaches, homemade cobblers, tomatoes, plums, blackberries, watermelons, cantaloupes, and other assorted fresh vegetables. We also offer the favored, homemade Nelda's Peach Preserves, Peach Butter, Peach Butter Chipotle Sauce, Blackberry Jelly, Plum Jelly, Pear Preserves, Fig Preserves and more. Vogel Orchard is also open long weekends in the fall with a real pick-your-own pumpkin patch and Fall store. (ADDED: April 14, 2018, JBS)
  • Wahl's Peaches and Vegetables - Peaches
    15371 Hwy. 290 E, Stonewall, TX. Phone: (830) 992-9498. Email: Open: call for hours.. Directions: On the east side of Stonewall, follow the signs to driveway. For a map, click here and see #18 on the Map. Stonewall Tree Ripe Peaches.
    UPPDATE: May 02, 2019: Wahl's IS open!
    A visitor writes on August 21, 2018: "Wahl's peaches in Fredericksburg, TX is no longer in business. I had a great conversation with the gentleman who used to own the farm. Unfortunately he's moved to marble falls now owns Treasure Hunter supply: Mason work and some pick your own; says he sold the ranch to someone who he thinks might have sold it again. "

Guadalupe County

Kendall County

  • Ahimsa Farm - beans, beets, broccoli, cucumbers, eggplant, figs, flowers, onions, summer squash, winter squash, tomatoes, Fresh eggs, U-pick and already picked
    65 Cravey Road, Waring, TX 78006. Phone: 830-537-4875. Alternate Phone: 210-323-8824. Fax: 210-696-2738. Email: Open: Does anyone know if they are still in business? If so, please write me. I see all the plagiarist websites have them; but they haven't verified it; just copied it from us. Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday 8 am to 1pm. Directions: From San Antonio, Texas Take 1H10 North to Waring-Welfare Exit, proceed past PoPos Restaurant, take right on Waring-Welfare Road and go about 4 miles to Cravey Road, take right and you will see House on Cliff, come over bridge and we are the first farm on the right after the Little Joshua Creek-there is a sign on our gate-Ahimsa Farm, which means Compassion!. Click here for a map and directions. May-September Swiss Chard, Tomatoes, Corn, Squash, Ok Saturday, Green Peppers, Hot Peppers, Poblano Peppers, Flowers, Herbs Patti Pan Squash. Payment: Cash, Check.

Kerr County

Medina County

  • Love Creek Orchards - Apples, Blackberries, Grapes, Peaches, Seasonal Vegetables, Figs, Persimmons
    13558 Hwy 16 N, Bandera, TX. Phone: 830-589-2588. Alternate phone: 800-449-0882. Email: Open: pick your own blackberries anticipated to be mid to late May. Directions: Highway 16 between Bandera and Kerrville. Open: Please call before coming. Love Creek Orchards opens seasonally for pick your own fruit. Usually we begin in April and May with fresh blackberries. July we offer fresh tree-ripened apples and in August we offer some of the sweetest figs in Texas. We also offer a great selection of persimmons in September and October. Check the web site during for picking dates and times. As with all fresh fruit, we are dependent on Mother Nature. The best time to pick is when fruit is at their peak of ripeness. We will post picking times on the web site or you can call our orchard.
  • South Texas MAiZE - flowers, pumpkins, gift shop, snacks and refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area, petting zoo, birthday parties, school tours
    911 US Highway 90 East, Hondo, TX 78861. Phone: 830-741-3968. Fax: 830-741-8464. Email: Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Crops are usually available in September, October, November. Open: see our website for current hours. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. The South Texas MAiZE is open from September 26 to November 29. Payment: Cash, Check. Get Lost in a 7- acre Maze, Pick a few Pumpkins, Two Jumping Pillows, Matter-Corn Mountain Slide, Farm Hayrides, Twin Cow Train, Campfires, Weekend Entertainment, Lots to Eat.
  • Sun Seasons - UPDATE for 2019: They are permanently closed
    Hondo, TX 78861.

Real County

Uvalde County

Wilson County

  • Green Country Farm - UPDATE for 2023: closed
    1880 Cr 331, Floresville, TX 78114. Phone: 830-393-2788. Email: Open: MOST LIKELY PERMANENTLY CLOSED - SEE THE VISITORS NOTE,
    Comment from a visitor on April 16, 2023: "The most recent update to their Facebook page was in 2015. I emailed the contact you have listed asking if they were still open and he responded, Sorry no longer have the berries. That's it. Not sure if that means they are permanently closed or what but thought you should know. "

Zavala County

Other Local Farm Products (Honey, Horses, Milk, Meat, Eggs, Etc.)
(NOT pick-your-own, unless they are also listed above)

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