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Ira Cline Farm - U-Pick strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins

Strawberry bush with ripe strawberries, up close

Ira Cline Farm in Catawba County

  • Ira Cline Farm - strawberries, blueberries, pumpkins. 
    4444 Lee Cline Road, Conover, NC 28613. Phone: 828-464-5942. Email: Open: Strawberries are usually ready around May 10th, Blueberries are ready around June the 20th through August; Pumpkins are ready around late September through October. Price not set. Containers provided. Ready-picked available. Directions:  Take I-40 west to Exit 131, then take N.C. 16 north. Turn left on C&B Farm Road and left on Lee Cline Road. Farm is on the left. 
    Comments from a visitor on June 27, 2008: "They are such nice people and always take the time to talk to everyone that comes there. I love the pumpkins in the fall season, they are everywhere and great for picture taking. The kids get to play on a bouncy castle apple while the parents are busy looking for Fall goodies. The kids ask to go every year, and we do."
    Comments from a visitor on May 27, 2008: "
    We picked strawberries at the Cline Farm last week.  They are definitely in business!  Blueberries are expected the last week in June."
    Comments from a visitor on April 2, 2008: "
    I live a few miles from the farm and click on this site to get the phone number when I need it. As long as we don't get a killing frost between now and mid-May, the blueberries should be fine. Rainfall amounts will determine how the fall crops will turn out. We are still in Mandatory Stage 3 water restrictions around here. Folks just need to call before they make the drive.
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Notes for December 2023: The warm winter means strawberries will be EARLY this year! Move the dates ahead by 2 - 3 weeks on our state crop availability calendars for strawberries; see your state's calendar for more dates of upcoming crops. Blueberries have already started in FL and TX.

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