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Meccano Erector - The Super Construction Set Manual

Meccano Erector -
The Super Construction Set Manual


If you son is like mine, he's probably lost or destroyed the manual to his Erector Set within the first week. So, when I got my son the Super Construction Set (builds 25 models) for his birthday, I went looking for an online copy.  And I found nada.  That's right, nowhere online, not even on the Meccano website, is there a copy of the manual.  OK, I did find ONE site that wanted you to enter a credit card to access the "free" manual.  Of course I said %$# that!

So, I sat down and scanned the whole manual, and here it is, free for your own kid's use!

Click here for a PDF of the Meccano Super Construction Set Manual (it is a LARGE file, 16 MB)

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