Information for Consumers About Food Poisoning in Home Canning, Preserving, Jam, Salsa Making, Etc. - Causes and Prevention

These pages provide basic facts regarding foodborne pathogenic microorganisms and natural toxins related to home food preservation (canning, bottling, drying, jams, salsas, pickling, sauces, etc.). Look up any pathogen (botulism, salmonella, Staph, etc.) and find out what it does and how to prevent it. The information was prepared by the Food & Drug Administration, the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the USDA Food Safety Inspection Service, and the National Institutes of Health. And while I certainly wouldn't trust my health or safety to the government (does peanut butter ring a bell), their guidance is good.  Do what they say... not what they do!

Pathogenic bacteria in foods

E. Coli Bacteria - common on vegetables and meats that come in contact with manure or animal feces - Enterovirulent Escherinchia Coli Group (EEC Group)

Parasitic Microorganisms (Protozoa) and Worms


Natural Toxins (Not all that is "natural" is good for you!)

Other Pathogens

  • Prions (BSE, CJK - Mad Cow Disease)




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