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Summer Squash U-Pick Orchards in Washington in 2024, by area of state

Keep in mind, not all areas of any state, nor even every state, have summer squash orchards that are open to the public. If you know of any others, please tell us using the add a farm form!

These are the areas of the state that have summer squash orchards to pick summer squash. Click on the area closet you!


Summer Squash

Summer Squash Picking Tips, Recipes and Information

summer squashSummer squash comes in many varieties and sizes. Choosing a summer squash that meets your needs and the taste you will like can be tough without a guide!  This page provides you that information, plus nutritional analysis and links to our freezing and canning pages!

Summer squash is best when harvested very young and used right away,

The yellow and orange flesh of the summer squash is nutritious and rich in vitamins,


Younger small summer squash are almost always better, with firmer flesh and smaller seeds


For a quality squash, choose one that has a smooth, shiny skin and is free of cracks, wrinkles or soft spots. .

Picking the squash

It's best to use a knife and cut through the stem that attaches the squash to the rest of the plant. Some squashes can be snapped off without a knife but you may damage the plant, so a knife is best. 

Storing Summer Squash

Summer squash do not have a long shelf life and require refrigeration except for a few hours. Even in a fridge, they should be used within a few days as they will begin to become soft and dry out after a few days. Cut pieces of squash should be tightly wrapped and refrigerated. Luckily, cut squash can be frozen for use later. .

Varieties of Summer Squash

Below are the most popular summer squash varieties. Each variety has its own unique flavor and texture, making them versatile ingredients in a variety of dishes

Name Photo Description Best uses
 Zucchini   Versatile and can be used in various dishes such as saute's, stir-fries, grilled, roasted, or baked into bread or muffins.
Straight, cylindrical green squash with a smooth skin.
Yellow Crookneck   Distinctive curved neck with yellow skin and a bulbous base.
Ideal for grilling, saute'ing, or as a colorful addition to salads and soups.
Costata Romanesco   Ribbed Italian zucchini with dark green stripes. Perfect for slicing and grilling, or used in pasta dishes and frittatas.
Cousa   Middle Eastern variety with light green or pale yellow skin. Often stuffed and baked, used in stews, or sliced and added to soups.
Eight Ball   Small, round zucchini with dark green skin. Perfect for stuffing, grilling, or slicing into rounds for saute's and stir-fries.
Greyzini   Unique hybrid between zucchini and pattypan squash. Can be used interchangeably with zucchini and pattypan in various recipes.
Pattypan   Small, round or scallop-shaped squash with pale green or yellow skin. Great for stuffing, roasting, steaming, or slicing and using in stir-fries or salads.
Sunburst   Small, scallop-shaped squash with yellow skin and scalloped edges. Great for grilling, saute'ing, or using as an attractive garnish for dishes.
Ronde de Nice   Small, round zucchini with pale green skin. Ideal for stuffing, roasting, or slicing and adding to soups and stews.
Yellow Crookneck   Distinctive curved neck with yellow skin and a bulbous base.
Ideal for grilling, saute'ing, or as a colorful addition to salads and soups.
Yellow Straightneck   Similar to yellow crookneck, but with a straight neck and yellow skin. Excellent for grilling, saute'ing, or slicing into salads and stir-fries.



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