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Apple And Pumpkin U-Pick Orchards in San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties in California in 2023, by county

Below are the U-Pick orchards and farms for apples and pumpkins that we know of in this area. Not all areas of any state, nor even every state, have apples and pumpkins orchards that are open to the public. If you know of any others, please tell us using the add a farm form!

Remember to always check with the farm's own website or Facebook page before you go - or call or email them if they don't have a website or Facebook page. Conditions at the farms and crops can change literally overnight, so if you want to avoid a wasted trip out there - check with the farm directly before you go! If I cannot reach them, I DON'T GO!

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San Luis Obispo County

  • Avila Valley Barn - Apples, nectarines, olallieberries, peaches, pumpkins, Other fruit or veg, Precut Christmas trees, Christmas wreaths and boughs, Mistletoe, Christmas decorations, trees tied, pumpkin patch-pick in the field, pumpkin patch- already gathered from the field, straw or hay bale maze, and prepicked produce, gift shop, snacks and refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area, tractor-pulled hay rides, petting zoo
    560 Avila Valley Drive, San Luis Obispo, CA 93402. Phone: 805-595-2810. Email: Open: seasonally from May through December, 9 am to 6 pm, Call to Confirm the schedules since due to drought, Olallieberry and Peach u-pick schedule is sporatic; Please call ahead to see if we will have them available. Directions: Coming north or south on Hwy 101 take the Avila Valley Drive exit and go west. Avila Valley Barn is located just past Ontario Rd on the right side. Parking available on property. . Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover. . Fax:. . click here for picking updates. Our farm tractors will bring you to our berry patches and fruit orchards. We also grow and sell the following fruit: olallieberries, cherries, raspberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches, white peaches, nectarines, white nectarines, apriums, pluots, pears, gravenstein apples, gala apples, golden delicious apples, mutsu apples, jonagold apples, braeburn apples, fuji apples, empire apples, granny smith apples, laura red apples. We also grow and sell the following vegetables: tomatoes, sweet onions, summer squash, green beans, and winter squash. Anything we don't grow on our farms, we get from neighboring farms including broccoli, cauliflower, lettuces, potatoes, peppers, garlic, green onions, eggplant, green and red cabbages, carrots, leeks, brussel sprouts, fresh herbs, cilantro, parsley, and basil. There is nothing more pleasurable than picking plump, juicy, sweet berries right from the vines or plucking that perfect apple or peach straight from the tree in the warmth of summer. In the fall, you can discover your own ideal pumpkin nestled away in one of our many pumpkin patches. Our farm tractors will bring you to our berry patches and fruit orchards. Call to Confirm the schedules:. (UPDATED: May 02, 2018, JBS)
    Comments from a visitor on July 02, 2016: Apple picking starts in September and pumpkins in October. The farm also offers a market, hay-bale maze, hot roasted corn harvested from its fields, and fresh-baked pies, including olallieberry and pumpkin pie. You can feed the goats, pigs, cow, ponies, ostrich, peacocks, turtle, etc.. Hayrides for fruit picking and pumpkins too. A haybale maze for the little ones and one for the adults. Christmas trees already cut for sale. Nice clean restrooms. They sell BBQ'd corn, fresh apple cider and great coffee.
    Comments from a visitor on March 07, 2009: "While we haven't been recently, it's a real gem of the Central Coast. The staff is so friendly and helpful. The produce is wonderful! "
  • BeeWench Farm - Registered naturally grown, apples, asparagus, beans, beets, broccoli, carrots, corn (sweet), cucumbers, eggplant, flowers, horseradish, herbs or spices, lavender, melons, onions, peas, peppers, pumpkins, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables, Other fruit or veg, Turkeys, Honey from hives on the farm, Fresh eggs, picnic area you may bring your own food, farm animals, school tours, group reservations
    198 San Juan Rd, Shandon, CA 93461. Phone: 805-423-7187. Email: Open: Thursday and Friday 9am to 1pm By appointment. Directions: . Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Debit cards, Visa, MasterCard.
    BeeWench Farm Facebook page. . . We are registered naturally grown for all crops. is located on 10 beautiful acres in Shandon where we raise pastured chicken, pastured pork, dairy goats and hens for eggs. We sell meat and eggs at local farmers markets, on the farm and via the Community Supported Agriculture model. Our pastured chicken is also featured on the menu at local restaurants specializing in fresh, organically grown food. (UPDATED: May 02, 2018, JBS) ((ADDED: February 18, 2015)
  • Cal Poly Fruit and Crops - apples, apricots, blackberries, blueberries, boysenberries, olallieberries, pears, peaches, pumpkins, raspberries
    California Polytechnic State University Use the Highland Drive entance off of Hwy 1, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407. Phone: 805-756-2224. Email: Directions: From Hwy 101 in San Luis Obispo, Take Highway 1 north toward Morro Bay, Right on Highland Drive, Follow the signs to the designated U-Pick area, Parking is free on weekends. . Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check. . Better call before you go; their website disappeared over the winter, so I put a link to the department's website; Saturdays 10am to 1pm Occasionally Wednesdays 3pm to 5pm Picking is available when the crops are ready. Crops are usually available all year. We have Satsuma Tangerines in the Winter months and Various Navel Oranges, blood oranges and other citrus for most of the year. We also have many varieties of prepicked avocados that change throughout the year. (UPDATED: May 02, 2018, JBS)
  • McCall Farm B&B - apples, avocados, peppers, plums, tomatoes, pumpkins
    6250 Santa Rosa Creek Road, Cambria, CA . Phone: 805-927-3140. Email: Click here for a map and directions. . Apples: mid August through October, Avocados: Year round, Peppers: mid August through October, Plums: July, Tomatoes: mid August through October, Oranges: Year round, Pumpkins: October. The farm's largest crop is the avocado trees that cover the upper hillside.
  • SLO Creek Farms - Certified Organic, apples, beans, beets, carrots, corn (sweet), cucumbers, flowers, herbs or spices, lavender, melons, onions, peas, peppers, pumpkins, summer squash, winter squash, tomatoes, Honey from hives on the farm, porta-potties are available, picnic area, birthday parties, weddings and wedding parties, school tours, events at your location (call for info)
    6455 Monte Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401. Phone: (702)245-3135. Email: Open: everyday, from 11 am to 5 pm, Mid August through Mid December. Directions: On the East side of highway 101 and San Luis Bay Drive. . Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check.
    SLO Creek Farms Facebook page. . Fax: (702)261-0060. . Picking updates: Click here for picking updates. We do not use pesticides on the crops. U-Pick Organic Apples. Start a family tradition by visiting SLO Creek Farms in beautiful San Luis Obispo, CA. We invite you and your family to come wander our orchard as you search for the best apples. Grab one of our apple baskets to fill with the apples you choose straight from the tree. Make sure you taste the apples and eat as many as you can along the way. It's free to pick, just purchase the apples you take home with you. With 40 acres of organic apple trees, there are plenty to go around. Go ahead and bring your friends and family and make picking apples a fun family event. We have the following apples: Jonalicious, Empire, Early Fuji, Gala, September Wonders, Sundancers, Granny Smith, and Braeburn. More details about each variety are listed on the apple schedule page. All Ages Welcome! (UPDATED: May 02, 2018, JBS)
    Comments from a visitor on September 22, 2011: "This is a beautiful place to bring your friends and family.They also have pick your own crab apples (aka, crabapples)"

Apple picking tips:

Apples ripen from the outside of the tree towards the center, so the apples out the outside of the tree will ripen first. Once they are picked, they stop ripening. Picking apples directly from a tree is easy. Roll the apple upwards off the branch and give a little twist; don't pull straight away from the tree. If two apples are joined together at the top, both will come away at the same time. Don't shake the trees or branches. If the apple you are trying to pick drops, (or others on the tree) go ahead and pick it up. They're perfectly fine! But do wash them before you eat them! More info: How to tell when apples are ripe

  • Once picked, don't throw the apples into the baskets, place them in gently, or they will bruise and go bad more quickly.
  • Don't wash apples until just before using to prevent spoilage.
  • For an explanation of why apple slices turn brown and how to stop it, see this page!
  • Keep apples cool after picking to increase shelf life. A cool basement is ideal, but the fruit/vegetable drawer of a refrigerator will work, too. A refrigerator is fine for small quantities of apples. Boxed apples need to be kept in a cool, dark spot where they won't freeze. Freezing ruptures all of an apple's cells, turning it into one large bruise overnight. The usual solution is to store apples in a root cellar. But root cellars often have potatoes in them: apples and potatoes should never be stored in the same room because, as they age, potatoes release an otherwise ethylene gas, which makes apples spoil faster. If you can keep the gas away from your apples, they will keep just fine. Just don't store them right next to potatoes.
    Prevent contact between apples stored for the winter by wrapping them individually in sheets of newspaper. The easiest way to do this is to unfold a section of newspaper all the way and tear it into quarters. Then stack the wrapped apples. See more here: How to store apples at home
  • Apples don't improve or "ripen" after being picked - this is an urban myth - see this page for the truth - with references!

Which apple variety is best?

There are tens of thousands of varieties of apples, developed over centuries. They vary in sugar, acoidity, flavors, storing, crispness and many other attributes. See our guides to apple varieties:

Canning apples - fully illustrated, with step-by-step instructions

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Pumpkin recipes

Other Local Farm Products (Honey, Horses, Milk, Meat, Eggs, Etc.)
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