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Apples are in! Most areas will have them up to Thanksgiving. Also Fall raspberries and activities like corn mazes and hayrides!   Florida will start harvesting Oranges, Grapefruit and Tangerines / Tangelos in November!
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How to Add  or Update a Farm, Orchard, Event or Easter Egg Hunt Listing on www.PickYourOwn.Org

The site has grown quickly, so we're still trying to automate some of this to make it easier for you!  Right now, here's how to add, update or recommend a farm in :

Be sure to also see our resources for farmers pages!  There is lots of useful free information there!

Other information:

* Picking tips

* How much to pick? - yields
* How to submit a farm to be added

* Feedback

* How to make jam

* How to make applesauce

* How to make apple butter

* Other recipes

* All about canning, freezing and preserving

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