Texas Crop Harvest Calendar - typical Harvest Dates for Fruits and Vegetables in !

This month's notes: May 2023: Stored US apples are still  available.  See your state's crop availability calendar for more specific dates of upcoming crops.

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This page has a table below that tells when each fruit or vegetable is normally ready to be harvested Texas!  We also have a page with links to our own simple instructions on canning, freezing and drying  many fruits and vegetables, such as  how to make jam, apple butter, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa, pickles, ketchup or freezing corn.

What's in Season - Typical Crop Availability in Texas

The dates are approximate; as many factors affect when the harvest is ready for picking: weather, variety, and area of the state - And Texas is a huge state so there is quite a large variety of differences in climate!  Always call the farm a few weeks in advance to verify when they crops will be ready to pick, and then again on the day you want to go.

Crop /Available Jan Feb Mar April May June July August Sept Oct Nov December
Apples             X X X X    
Asparagus     X X                
Beets X X X X X X X X X X X X
Blackberries         X X              
Blueberries           X X            
Broccoli X X X X X         X X X
Cabbage X X X X X              
Carrots X X X X X              
Celery X X X X X              
Cucumbers       X X X X X        
Figs           X X X        
Grapes             X X        
Melons           X X X        
Nectarines           X X          
Peaches (see below for dates for specific varieties)         Mid May on X See below some in Sept, not many!      
Pears               X        
Plums           X X X        
Pumpkins               X X X X  
Raspberries             X X X X    
Spinach X X X X           X X X
Squash (summer)       X X X X X X      
Squash (winter)               X X X    
Strawberries   X X X                
Sweet corn           X X X X      
Tomatoes         X X X X X X X  
Vegetables (misc summer)         X X X X X X    

Ripening dates for specific varieties of peaches:

  • Springold - May 10-20
  • Bicentennial - May 15-20
  • June Gold - May 25-June 5
  • Garnet Beauty - May 30-June 10
  • Sentinel - June 5-15
  • Harvester - June 10-24


  • Loring   - June 15-July 10
  • Redglobe - June 27-July 10
  • Redskin - July 15-25
  • Dixiland - July 15-25
  • Jefferson - July 20-30
  • Jersey Queen - July 20-August 5


Oranges Grapefruit Tangerines/ Tangelos

Orange are in season from autumn until spring and include Navel oranges, Temple oranges and Valencia oranges. The Valencia orange is considered to be the best juice orange in the world, accounting for more than half the production of oranges grown. Other oranges include Ambersweet, Hamlin, Pineapple, and Red Navel oranges. Specialty fruit such as tangelos, are available from November to February, and tangerines and grapefruit are available throughout the season.


Available Description November December January February March April May
Fallglo Tangerine Mild taste, sweet and juicy              
Robinson Tangerine Rich, sweet flavor with few seeds              
Red Navels Red flesh, rich sweet flavor              
Hamlin Orange Excellent juice orange              
Ambersweet Orange Very sweet, usually seedless              
Navels Peels and sections very easily              
Orlando Tangelo Peels easily, very juicy              
Sunburst Tangerine Bright, orange color, rich flavor              
Flame Grapefruit Red flesh, usually seedless              
Star Rubies Dark red, sweet grapefruit              
Ruby Reds Sweet pink grapefruit              
White Grapefruit tart white grapefruit              
Orlando tangelos Peels easily, very juicy              
Sunburst Tangerines Bright, orange color, rich flavor              
Dancy Tangerine Rich, sweet flavor with spicy aroma              
Pineapple Orange Acclaimed for juicy sweetness              
Minneola Tangelo Deep orange to red-orange color              
Honeybell taneglos also called Minneola, Deep orange to red-orange color              
Temples Florida's best eating orange              
Honey Tangerines Rich red flesh, sweet and juicy              
Valencias Loaded with juice, usually seedless              

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