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Ohio Cottage Foods Labeling Requirements

Ohio Cottage Foods Labeling RequirementsOhio Cottage Food Label

Ohio Cottage Food Production Operations must label all of their food products properly, which include the following information on the label of each unit of food product offered or distributed for sale:


  • A Statement of Identity - the name of the food product
  • Net Quantity of Contents - the net weight, in both U.S. Customary System and International System
  • Ingredient List - ingredients of the food product, listed in descending order of predominance by weight
  • Statement of Responsibility - the name and address of the business
  • The following statement in ten-point type: "This Product is Home Produced".

    Nutrient content claims

    If you are making nutritional claims (like. low fat, salt free, etc.) or health claims (i.e. may reduce heart disease) are made, the product must bear all required nutritional information in the form of the Nutrition Facts panel. All labeling components are to comply with 21 CFR Part 101, food labeling. The FDA Food Labeling Guide is an excellent resource of the proper labeling of food products.

    Here is a free Microsoft Word label template which you can download and edit.  These labels are already formatted to fit on Avery Template 22820  Print-to-the-Edge Oval, Labels 2" x 3-1/3", 8 per Sheet, Glossy White. You can get the label stock online (see at right). 

    Depending on the size of your business, your label must comply with Federal label regulations and with the new nutritional labeling law. You can download a copy of the FDA Food Labeling Guide here it s an illustrated booklet that should answer all your questions.

    Example Label

    Ohio cottage food labels





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