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Varieties of Peaches for Home Canning, Freezing and Preserving

Which to pick and why!

Be sure to see our easy, illustrated how-to pages to make and preserve your own:

  1. Peach picking tips
  2. Now, get ready to preserve your peaches - It is VERY easy - especially with our free
     - peach jam instructions - they're illustrated and easy and our page on
     - how to make home canned peaches from fresh!
    - Or see here to freeze peaches instead!
    - make your own home canned peach pie filling to use in the winter
    - or how about peach salsa?
    - Peach chutney
    - Spiced peaches
    - peach butter or even
    - pickled peaches?
  3. Here are some great and easy peach desert recipes, like easy peach cobbler.

Best Peaches for Home Canning

Out of the hundreds of varieties of peaches, each can be classified as clingstone, freestone, or semi-freestone. That refers to how firmly the flesh attaches to the pit. Freestone types are obviously the easiest to work with!

Freestone: As its name implies, the stone is easily removed from this variety, making it a good choice for eating fresh. Harvest begins in late May and continues to October. This is the type most commonly found in your local grocery store. They tend to be larger than clingstones, with a firmer, less juicy texture, yet still sweet. They are excellent for home canning, freezing and baking purposes.

Semi-freestone: This newer type is a hybrid of the clingstone and freestone. It is good for general purposes, both fresh and canned.

Clingstone: These are so named because the flesh clings stubbornly to the stone or pit. In the Northern hemisphere, this type is the first to be harvested, ripening May through August. The flesh is yellow, with bright red touches closest to the stone. They have a soft texture, and are juicier and sweeter -- perfect for desserts. This is the preferred variety for jellies, jams, and canning. Although clingstones are tasty eaten fresh, they are seldom found in the local market. The commercial industry uses clingstones for peaches canned in various levels of syrup.

Peach Varieties for Home Canning, Freezing and Preserving

Medium sized round fruit. Golden-yellow skin with attractive red blush. Non-browning, sweet yellow flesh is firm and smooth textured. Excellent for canning, freezing, and fresh eating. Redhaven is the standard by which all early peaches are judged. The tree is vigorous and early bearing. 950 hours. Self-fertile.

Large, nearly round fruit with a highly colored skin, which is almost fuzzless. Firm, yellow flesh with a pleasant flavor. Superior for canning and freezing. 850 hours. Self-fertile.

Red Globe-
A very large round peach. Skin is a highly blushed red over a golden color. Firm, yellow flesh with excellent sweet flavor. Red Goble is one of the most attractive peaches of the season. Excellent for fresh eating, canning, or freezing. 850 hours. Self-fertile.

Early Elberta-
Large golden yellow peach with very little or no blush. Golden yellow flesh with rich, sweet flavor. Excellent for fresh eating and canning. The most popular variety in our area. 800 hours. Self-fertile.

Large, golden yellow fruit blushed with red. Firm, rich, sweet, yellow flesh. Excellent for fresh eating and canning. Hardy and productive. 850 hours. Self-fertile.

J.H. Hale-
Extra large, round fruit with golden skin mostly covered with a brilliant red blush. Sweet, firm, yellow flesh. Requires pollination from another variety. Great for shipping and canning. A very popular late peach. 850 hours. Another nectarine or peach needed to pollinate.

Loring -
A freestone peach; meaning the flesh comes off the pit easily. A large easy to pick peach, with a sweet flavor similar to the Harvester. This peach is great for eating, freezing, and canning.

Sun High -
A freestone peach; meaning the flesh comes off the pit easily. A large oval-shaped easy to pick peach, with a sweet flavor similar to the Loring. This peach is great for eating, freezing, and canning.

Fairhaven -
(mid-August). The fruit are medium to large and round. The skin is yellow with red cheek (sides) and is smooth, but tough. The flesh is yellow, with red at the pit, very firm, and moderately fine textured. Fairhaven is freestone, resists browning, and has a good flavor, traits that make it ideal for freezing and canning.


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Remember to ALWAYS call the farm or orchard BEFORE you go - weather, heavy picking and business conditions can always affect their hours and crops!

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