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How to make a Crumb Topping for Pies!

An easy and great pie topping  recipe!

If you like fruit pies, but don't like a lot of dough, then this simple crumb topping makes a great tasting, better looking alternative. And it is easier and faster to make than a dough topping.

Ingredients and Equipment
(per 9 - 10 inch deep dish pie)

  • 1/4 cup sugar (OR 1/8 cup sugar and 1/8 cup Stevia (or if you prefer, Splenda))
  • 1/2 cup all purpose flour
  • 1/4 cup butter or margarine - room temperature or melted

Step 1  - Make and add your topping

Just mix

 - 1/4 cup sugar (OR 1/8 cup sugar and 1/8 cup Stevia (or if you prefer, Splenda))

- 1/2 cup flour

 - 1/4 cup butter or margarine (at room temperature or melted)

 together in a small bowl.

Mix together until you get small crumbs (1/8 inch or smaller. )  If it sticks together too much to make crumbs, add a small amount more of flour and sugar (1 part sugar to 2 parts flour) until it becomes crumbly!


Step 2 - Sprinkle it over the pie







  • If you use frozen berries, it helps to sprinkle 3 tablespoons of corn starch in pie crust/pan just before you add the blueberries!  That helps to suck up any additional liquid, so the pie won't be runny.

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