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What's in season in September 2021, and other timely information:

The dates are approximate; as many factors affect when the harvest is ready for picking: weather, variety, and area of the state, including altitude!  Always call the farm a few weeks in advance to verify when they crops will be ready to pick, and then again on the day you want to go.

Crop /Available Jan Feb Mar April May June July August Sept Oct Nov December
Apples               X X      
Asparagus     X X                
Beets X X X X X X X X X X X X
Blackberries         X X              
Blueberries           X X            
Broccoli X X X X X         X X X
Cabbage X X X X X              
Carrots X X X X X              
Celery X X X X X              
Cucumbers       X X X X X        
Figs           X X X        
Grapes             X X        
Melons           X X X        
Nectarines           X X          
Peaches (see below for dates for specific varieties)             X X some in Sept, not many!      
Pears               X        
Plums           X X X        
Pumpkins               X X X X  
Raspberries             X X X X    
Spinach X X X X           X X X
Squash (summer)       X X X X X X      
Squash (winter)               X X X    
Strawberries   X X X                
Sweet corn           X X X X      
Tomatoes         X X X X X X X  
Vegetables (misc summer)         X X X X X X    

Ripening dates for specific varieties of pears and apples


  Type Season Best For
  Bartlett Mid August Eating
  Starking Delicious Mid August Eating/Canning
  D'Anjou September Eating
  Bosc September Eating/Canning


  Type Season Best For
  Gala Early August Eating and applesauce
  Early Blaze August Cooking
  Yellow Transparent August Cooking
  Gravenstein August Cooking
  Red/Golden Delicious September Eating and applesauce
  Red Rome September Eating
  Top Red Delicious Mid September Eating
  Royal Red Delicious Mid September Eating
  Stayman Winesap Late September Cooking and applesauce
  Winesap Commercial Late September Cooking
  Old Fashion Winesap Late September Cooking and applesauce
  Rome Beauty Late September Cooking
  Jonathan September Eating/Cooking and applesauce



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