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Harvest Calendar for Minnesota: When various fruit and vegetables are ready for harvest in MN
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This month's notes: April 2014: Blueberries are finishing in the Southern areas, still going in cooler areas, don't miss them! In most areas, peaches are going strong, as are figs. And apples have started. Sepetmber is the big month for apples! See each state's crop availability calendar for more specific dates. Organic farms are identified in green!  See our guide to local fruit and vegetable festivals!. See easy canning and freezing instructions/recipes, canning equipment guide! Also make your own ice cream - see How to make ice cream and ice cream making equipment and manuals
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Harvest Calendar for Minnesota

This page has a table below that tells when each fruit or vegetable is normally ready to be harvested in Minnesota!  We also have a page with links to our own simple instructions on canning, freezing and drying  many fruits and vegetables, such as  how to make jam, apple butter, applesauce, spaghetti sauce, salsa, pickles, ketchup or freezing corn.

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Harvest / Crop Availability Table

Fruit/ vegetable Normal picking dates
Apples Mid-August through November - see specific varieties, further down this page
Asparagus May and June
Beans July through September
Blueberries July through mid August
Carrots August  through mid November
Cucumbers Mid July through September
Garlic August  through November
Grapes Mid August through September
Greens May through October
Melons August and September
Onions Mid September through mid November
Peppers Mid July to mid September
Potatoes August through mid November
Raspberries Mid June through October
Rhubarb May through September
Strawberries June and July
Squash July  through mid November
Sweet Corn Mid July through September
Tomatoes Mid July through September
Apple Variety Average Harvest Dates
Mantet early to mid-August
Oriole early to mid-August
Beacon mid-August
State Fair mid-August
Zestar!TM late August to early September
Paulared late August to early September
Wealthy early September
Chestnut Crab early to mid-September
Red Baron mid-September
McIntosh mid-September
Sweet Sixteen mid- to late September
Honeycrisp late September
Cortland late September to early October
Northwestern (also called Greening) late September to early October
Haralson/ Haralred late September to early October
Prairie Spy early October
Honeygold early October
Regent early to mid-October
Golden Delicious mid-October
Fireside/ Connell Red mid-October
Keepsake mid-October
Red Delicious mid-October



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Remember to ALWAYS call the farm or orchard BEFORE you go - weather, heavy picking and business conditions can always affect their hours and crops!

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