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Looking for a local, pick-your-own farm in Southwest Georgia? Farms are open and safe! Scroll down this page and you will see the U-Pick farms in Southwest Georgia, sorted by county. Those that offer organic or sustainably grown produce are identified by the words "organic" and/or "sustainable" in Green, next to their name  (see "What does Organic mean?"). The U-pick crops they offer follow the name of the farm. To search the page for a specific crop, use Ctrl-F (or on an ipad or Mac, use their "search on this page" function) If they have a website, the name will be in blue and underlined; click on it and it will open their website. If you find anything outdated or inaccurate, see the customer and farmer menus (as appropriate) at the top menu bar to submit updates and corrections and help me keep each current!

New! Pricing information - I am building a pricing guide to help you know what the typical prices are for each crop.

Remember to always check with the farm's own website or Facebook page before you go - or call or email them if they don't have a website or Facebook page. Conditions at the farms and crops can change literally overnight, so if you want to avoid a wasted trip out there - check with the farm directly before you go! And if you know of any farms I missed and want to add a farm, please let me know!   I'm making updates for this year as fast as I can - if you find anything out-of-date, wrong or not working - please let me know! This website is supported by purchases you make through the links to products on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. This allows me to continue to maintain the website and make improvements!

What's in season in November 2020, and other timely information:

Notes for November 2020: Crop growth is slowing down, except for Christmas tree farms and if you live in southern California, southern Texas, Florida or along the Gulf coast where citrus are ripe, and believe it or not, the blueberry and strawberry season in those areas is about to begin. See your state harvest calendar . This year, much of the country is still seeing mild weather, so lettuce, peas, broccoli, cabbage  and other greens are thriving.  And this is a good time to get a canner and  learn how to preserve foods for the winter, like canning some applesauce, apple butter or jam, which make great gifts. As do your own homemade specialty liqueurs! How about homemade cranberry sauce or a pumpkin pie made from a real pumpkin for the holidays? See our comprehensive list of easy home canning, jam and jelly making, preserving, drying and freezing directions. You can access recipes and other resources from the drop down menus at the top of the page or the site search. A fun winter activity is to make your own ice cream, even gelato, or low fat or low sugar ice cream - see this page. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to write me!

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Southwest Georgia U-Pick Farms and Orchards in 2020, by county

Click on the resources drop-down above, if you need a county map. New: If you are looking for wineries in Georgia for a tour or tasting, see this page.

Atkinson County

  • The Mater Patch - tomatoes, okra, squash, cucumbers
    7810 Taft Lane, Manor, GA. Phone: (912) 422-4565. Alternate Phone: 912-285-7070. Directions: located on hwy 441 N, at Pearson, GA. Open: 7 am to 6 pm. Bring your own containers (5 gallon buckets are good). Available in October. (UPDATED: June 12, 2017)

Baker County

Ben Hill County

Berrien County

  • Southern Grace Farms - blackberries, blueberries, nectarines, peaches, plums, strawberries,
    11946 Nashville Enigma Rd, Enigma, GA 31749. Phone: (229)533-8585. Email: [email protected]. Open: Monday to Saturday, from 9 am to 6, March 20 to July 10. Picking updates: Click here for picking updates. Directions: From I-75 Tifton: Take Exit 62 and head East on highway 82 for about 15 miles. This brings you into Enigma. In Enigma, you will turn right on Main Street (this is also the Enigma-Nashville Hwy). On the Enigma-Nashville Hwy, you will go South about 4 1/2 miles until you come to Berrien Peanut Company on your left. Our U-pick strawberries and store are located across the road from Berrien Peanut. Go to the store for directions to other fruits. Click here for a map and directions. Strawberries - March 20 to May 31; Blackberries - May 20 to July 10; Blueberries - May to June, Peaches - May to June; Nectarines - May; Plums - June. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard, AmEx. Click here for our Facebook page. Visit our new Country Market filled with Georgia Grown specialty products and Southern themed gift baskets! The store is open during harvest season and November and December.
    Comments from a visitor on April 20, 2010: "This is a family owned & operated farm and everyone is just great to deal with!"

Brooks County

  • Bar C Mater & Vegetable Patch - beans, corn (sweet), cucumbers, tomatoes, other vegetables, U-pick and already picked
    2054 Yates Road, Barney, GA 31625. Phone: 229-5613466. Alternate Phone: 229-7752287. Email: [email protected]. Open: from 7 am to 7 pm on Monday thru Saturday, from June 15, 2013 to August 7, 2013. Directions: From Hahira, Ga highway 122 go west towards Barney, to Old Coffee Road road turn left, to first dirt road on right Yates road, watch for signs. From Barney go east to Old Coffee Road turn turn right, to first dirt road on right. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, only. (UPDATED: September 26, 2019, JBS)
  • Burton Brooks Orchard Corporation - peaches, and nectarines, no apples
    Barney, GA 31625. Phone: (229) 775-2710. PYO in season (late April through July, pre-picked peaches after that until October).
  • Dearmin Farms - No pesticides are used, chestnuts, persimmons,
    Call, Dixie, GA 31629. Phone: 850-402-3249. Open: Saturdays and/or Sundays; Please call for hours. Directions: Please call for directions. Chestnuts are available in October; Persimmons will be available mid-October; We sell non-astringent varieties. We do not use pesticides on the crops. Payment: Cash, Check. .

Calhoun County

Clay County

Clinch County

  • Bell's Berry Patch - Strawberries
    Jason & Heather Bell, 1454 Valdosta Highway, Homerville, GA 31634. Phone: 912-487-3861. Does anyone have more information or current update? If so, please write me!
  • Horner Farms Inc. Organic - UPDATE: June 01, 2020: The owner tells me they are now permanently closed
    Homerville , GA 31634.
  • Nettles - Blueberries
    296 Cherokee Phoenix Lane, Homerville, GA. Phone: 912-381-7195. Open: Sunday to Friday, call for hours; closed on Saturday. Directions: call for directions. Bring your own containers.

Coffee County

  • Collins blueberry farm - blueberries,
    330 George Solomon Road, Broxton, GA 31519. Phone: 912-359-3978. Alternate Phone: 912-381-8297. Email: [email protected]. Open: starting April 25th on Monday to Friday from 7am till 7pm. Our blueberry season is typically April 28 to May 20. Payment: Cash, SFMNP Vouchers. (ADDED: April 02, 2016)
  • Deep South Growers - Strawberries
    1535 Harvey Vickers Road, Douglas, GA 31535. Phone; 912-384-5450. Contact Candi Reed, Mail: P.O. Box 687. Crops usually ready in mid-March to early April.
  • McKinnon Farms - Strawberries
    Berry Barn, Wayne & Lynn McKinnon, 456 Osborn Mills Road, Douglas, GA 31535. Phone: 912-389-1660. Does anyone have more information or current update? If so, please write me!
  • Red Brick Farm - strawberries in the Spring, Pumpkins on the vines in October, Both pick your own and already harvested, corn maze, pumpkin patch in the field, birthday parties, school tours
    225 Lake Demi Lane, Douglas, GA 31533. Phone: 912-381-4667 or 912-381-7366. Open: Call for for hours and availability. Directions: Call for directions. Payment: Cash, only.. (UPDATED: September 26, 2019, JBS)
    Comments from a visitor on October 16, 2011: "Loved the decorations set up for photos and the friendly people. This farm is locally owned. It also has a corn maze,train rides and digging for treasures in corn along with the pumpkin patch. The place is also very decorated making for some awesome fall photos pics with the kids. In the summer the farm is a strawberry picking farm. $3 for children and $2 for adults. Sorry don't think they have a website and unsure of hours of operation"

Colquitt County

  • Ochlockonee Ridge Farms - Strawberries
    1069 Rossman Dairy Road, Moultrie, GA 31768. Contact: Scott & Virginia Hart. Phone: 229-941-5971. Open: Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 pm, and Sunday from 1 pm to 6 pm. Crops are usually ready from late March to late May. (UPDATED: September 26, 2019, JBS)

Cook County

  • McMillan Farms - corn (sweet), peas, tomatoes, other vegetables, farm market, concessions / refreshment stand
    11741 highway 41, Sparks, GA 31647. Phone: 229-549-8088. Email: [email protected]. Open: Monday through Saturday 8 am to 7 pm. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard. U pick or we pick also offers butter beans and boiling peanuts as well as vegetables previous mentioned. Shelling is available on site for peas and beans. (UPDATED: September 26, 2019, JBS)
  • Red Barn Market - corn (sweet), cucumbers, eggplant, melons, onions, summer squash, strawberries, other vegetables, Fall festival, restrooms, farm animals, school tours
    220 Rountree Mccranie Road, Adel, GA 31620. Phone: 912-381-4667. Email: [email protected]. Open: CALL THEM: there is no way to know if they are open, closed nor what they have any mopre; they nop longer post anything on the internet; last reported hours were Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 6 pm, March 1 to October 31. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard. Click here for our Facebook page (their Facebook page now says" Plz text or call 912-381-4667 for any questions you may have about the farm. This page is no longer active". Thank you!. (ADDED: April 15, 2018)

Decatur County

  • ATS Nursery and U Pick - UPDATE for 2020, Their website is gone; and their Facebook page hasn't been updated in years, so I assume they have closed. If you have any information to the contrary, please write me.
    2514 Vada Rd/highway 97 North, Bainbridge, GA 39817. Phone: 229-246-2662. Alternate Phone: 229-416-6282.
  • Harvest Moon Market LLC - cucumbers, eggplant, flowers, onions, peppers, summer squash, winter squash, strawberries, tomatoes, other vegetables, Fresh eggs
    3103 Thomasville Road, Bainbridge, GA 39817. Phone: 229-246-6750. Alternate Phone: 229-220-2532. Fax: 229-246-6795. Email: [email protected]. Open: Local farmer market located in Bainbridge, Ga; Open March 1 pm to July 4th and Sept 1 pm to December25th; Monday - Saturday 9am to 6pm. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check. Click here for our Facebook page. Typical crop dates: Strawberries from March 14 to June 1st. Payment: Cash, Check. We offer custom gift baskets for all occasions during our regular hours and days.
  • Long Farms - beans, broad beans, broccoli, corn (sweet), cucumbers, eggplant, flowers, muscadine grapes, melons, onions, peas, peppers, summer squash, tomatoes, other vegetables, watermelons, Other fruit or veg, Honey from hives on the farm, U-pick and already picked, farm market, porta-potties are available, school tours
    2822 Old Whigham Road, Bainbridge , GA 39817. Phone: 229-246-8086. Email: [email protected]. Open: May to July, September to November Monday through Friday 7 am to 7 pm; 7 am to Noon on Saturday Closed on Sundays. Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Directions: Located right outside of Bainbridge, Georgia off of Old Whigham Road. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard. Click here for our Facebook page. Please keep in mind our crops and operating hours are seasonal. (UPDATED: September 13, 2016)

Dougherty County

Early County

Echols County

Grady County

Irwin County

  • Hardwood Road Produce - strawberries
    229 Hardwood Road, GA. Phone: 229-347-2368. Alternate phone: 229-325-7282. Open: Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm. Other (harvested) Crops: Peas, Sweet Corn, Butter Beans.
  • Herman McIntyre Farm - Strawberries, blueberries
    161 Irwinville Highway, Ocilla, GA 31774. Phone: 229-831-2705. Ready starting in mid- March.
  • Paulk Vineyards - muscadine grapes, U-pick and already picked
    1786 Satilla Road, Wray, GA 31798. Phone: 877-583-2880. Email: [email protected]. Open: Our "Pick Your Own" vineyard is open 9am to 7pm Monday - Saturday from mid August through most of September. Directions: We are located 10 miles east of Ocilla, GA off of Highway 32. Follow the signs for the best muscadines you'll ever eat!. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check. (ADDED: February 18, 2015)

Lanier County

Lee County

  • Busy Elves Christmas Tree Farm - Blueberries, Christmas trees-you choose and you cut, restrooms, picnic area, petting zoo, group tours
    Hwy 520/82, right next to Terrell County line, Leesburg, GA 31763. Phone: 229-883-3933. Email: [email protected]. Open: Available for picking during the months of May, June and July; Call me during these months ahead of time and I will let you know the days they are available to be picked. Directions: See their website for directions. Payment: Cash, Check.
    A visitor writes on July 25, 2014:
    " I'm pretty sure the blueberries are not organic. But, he's got a huge field of blueberries. I love the Christmas trees. I'm more into organic, so I don't do the PYO here, but I love the man who operates it, Joedy Putnal."

Lowndes County

  • Herndon Farms - Strawberries
    7149 Herring Road, Lake Park, GA 31636. Phone: 229-559-5636.
  • Oxbow Resource Center - ORGANIC, Strawberries, pick-your own and already picked, restrooms
    Hwy 84 West , Valdosta, GA. Phone: 229-375-8690. Email: [email protected]. Open: December through ?(April?); Monday to Saturday from 9am to 5pm. Directions: Call for directions. Payment: Cash, Check. All crops are raised organically. They are using hydroponic systems and hot houses for the Strawberry's. No plants are in the ground, all are grown in boxes or planters. They farm is established as a missionary training center and resource to help people in the community learn how to grow small gardens.
    Comments from a visitor on December 01, 2011: "This is a new facility with more growth planned but the strawberry's are ready now! The U-Pick was a great experience for me and my family. We liked that the strawberry's are in pots (like you see at EPCOT) and you do not have to bend down to pick them. The place is clean and the staff are friendly. Its very down to earth and there is no fuss. The products were fresh and I appreciated that everything is organically raised. They do provide picked products if asked. You may have to wait for the product to be picked but they will do this if asked. "

Miller County

  • Peace Valley Community, Inc. - Strawberries
    25 Peace Valley Ln, Damascus, GA 31741. Phone: (229)758-5115. (UPDATED: June 19, 2012, by a visitor)

Mitchell County

  • Titus Schrock - Strawberries
    3312 Lake Pleasant Church Road, Camilla, GA 31730. Phone: 229-336-2711

Quitman County

Randolph County

Seminole County

  • Travis Braswell - Strawberries
    305 North Knox Avenue, Donaldsonville, GA 31745. Does anyone have more information, like a phone or email address? If so, please write me!
  • John Emory Trawick - Strawberries
    P.O. Box 131, Iron City, GA 31759. Does anyone have more information, like a phone or email address? If so, please write me!

Terrell County

Thomas County

  • Griffin Farm - blueberries
    9113 Highway 188, Ochlocknee, GA 31773. Phone: 229-226-1008. Alternate phone: 229-226-1000. Click here for a map to our farm. Open: June through August from dawn to dusk, daily. Call for hours, directions and availability before you go! 2007 prices: You pick $6/gal., we pick, $10/gal no chemicals used. Also called "Bea's Blueberry Patch".
    Comments from a visitor on July 25, 2010: "Very nice people. Very helpful and personable. Easy access. I like the dawn to dusk hours, as it gets really hot mid day. I found excellent picking (2 Gallons in 1.25 hours) I'm a newbie picker I found this farm on your PYO website, even though its just down the road from me. Needs update for pricing. "
  • Harper Homes and Farm - No pesticides are used, blueberries,
    2001 East Stetson Avenue, Coolidge, GA 31738. Phone: 229-224-5178. Email: [email protected]. Open: June 1 to June 30, 2015, Monday to Saturday, from 8 am to 12 pm. Directions: From the traffic light in Coolidge head north on 319. East Stetson Avenue will be on your right ( across the street from Dollar General). Closed if raining. Click here for a map and directions. We do not use pesticides on the crops. Payment: Cash, only. No public restroom available at this time. You pick 8.00 dollars per gallon. We pick 20.00 per gallon.
  • Ron Farmers Farm - Muscadines (4 varieties); chestnuts
    2542 Maddox Road, Ochlocknee , GA 31773. Phone: 229-227-9295 Click here for a map to our farm. We are open July, August, call to confirm hours, directions and availability before you go! Bring your own containers!
    Comments from a visitor on August 15, 2008: "My husband and I visited Ron Farmers Farm to pick grapes and were very pleased with it. He weighed them in front of us (with the scale facing us) plus gave consideration for the weight of the containers. We will definitely go back. He has beautiful xmas trees and we can't wait to pick our own and have them cut it and we hope to pick some chestnuts and pecans (when they are ready). He is a very nice man. We try to visit some of the pick your own when we are traveling or if they are within a 30 minute drive from us so your website is veryyyyyyyy helpful. THANKS and keep up the good work."
  • The Fruit Factory - blueberries, Pears, Pomegranate, Grapes, Mulberries, Blueberries, Loquat, and Native Blackberries
    6380 Airline Road, Pavo, GA 31778. Phone: (229) 859-2714. Email: [email protected]. Open: see their website for current availability and hours; Some type of fruit is available 365 Days a Year (weather permitting). . The Fruit Factory is a small family farm that offers a destination u-pick and a unique experience visiting and learning about the many offerings. We offer a variety of fruits and citrus. The Fruit Factory specializes in creating corporate gift packages that can ship throughout the USA. For years friends have visited and enjoyed our small family farm. Many varieties are available throughout the year except in extreme temperatures. We have fruit available when in season, including Pears, Apples, Pomegranate, Grapes, Mulberries, Blueberries, Guava, Loquat, and Native Blackberries with more Fruit being added. We offer U-pick or We pick. Citrus gift boxes, are typically available from October to March (not all of the following are available the entire time) such as Satsuma: Oct. to January, Meyer Lemon: January to March, September to December, Red Grapefruit: November to March, Kumquats: November to March, Keiwa Kumquat: December to March, Clementine Tangelo: Mid December to Mid January, Blood Orange: Mid December to Mid January, Moro Blood Orange: December to February, Tangerine: December to March, Shiranui: December to February, Key Lime: December to March, Nules: December to February, Navel Oranges: November to January, Mulberries: March to April, Blueberries: June to July, Grapes: July to September, Muscadines: July to September, Pears: Aug. to November, Green Mandarins: July to September, Loquat: March to April, Minneola Tangelo: December to February, Pomegranates: Aug. to September. Click here for a link to our Facebook page. (ADDED: September 20, 2019, JBS)

Tift County

  • Berry Good Farms LLC - Minimizes chemical and pesticide use, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, muscadine grapes, peaches, persimmons, other vegetables, porta-potties are available, petting zoo, farm animals
    930 William Gibbs Rd, Tifton, GA 31793. Phone: 229-821-0746. Alternate Phone: 229-821-0542. Fax: 229-387-0606. Email: [email protected]. Open: March 1, then through August, from 8am to 6pm on Monday thru Friday and 8am to 8pm on Saturdays (closed on Sunday). Click here for current open hours, days and dates. Directions: I75 exit #62 (Highway 82 West) in Tifton. 9 miles. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check. Click here for our Facebook page. Typical dates (check our website for changes): Strawberries start in early March, Blueberries: May 1 through July 15; Blackberries: May 15 through August 1. Payment: Cash, only. This year we have tons of fresh Blueberries on the bush ready to pick. Thornless Blackberries are not far behind. Come out and enjoy picking berries or call to place your order and pick them up. Visit our website for weekly updates to the "picture page" and to see what's happened and what is planned on the farm.(UPDATED: February 28, 2014, from their email) (UPDATED: April 25, 2013, from their email)
    A visitor writes on June 13, 2013: "The gentleman who answers the phone says a 'chemical problem' has caused them to close the 2013 peach picking. They will not have peaches this year. "
    Comments from a visitor on June 02, 2012: "I just wanted to give positive feedback for Berry Good Farms in Tifton, GA. We took our kids out to pick blackberries and ended up with an absolutely great afternoon and experience. The owner was so helpful and friendly, and she even took our kids around to see the animals on the farm and talk to them about the goats and chickens. It was a wonderful and memorable experience for my entire family. I strongly recommend this farm anytime you want a warm, friendly atmosphere and a great day. We'll be back as fast as we can eat all of our berries! "
    Comments from a visitor on May 24, 2012: "Stopped by Berry Good Farms on May 23, 2012. This is a beautiful place. It was worth the ride to be able to sit back and enjoy their farm. Their blackberry vines are loaded with berries. They were not ready to be picked when we were there. The blueberries had been picked the day before so we were able to purchase already picked berries. The blueberries were large (dime size) and very sweet. I would suggest giving them a call to find out what berries are ready. My only regret is that they are 5 hours away from where I live. Enjoy!"
  • Ponders Produce - corn (sweet), summer squash, tomatoes,
    5383 Alabama Avenue highway 319 N, Omega, GA 31775. Phone: 229-528-4776. Open: Monday - Saturday 7am Until 6:30 pm. Directions: Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard, Discover, AmEx.
    Comments from a visitor on July 18, 2014: "They have tomatoes right now, $8 for a 5 gallon bucket, you pick. Pre picked also available. "
  • Sunburst Farms - Strawberries
    Tom Sprouse, P.O. Box 1030, Tifton, GA 31794. Phone: 229-382-3203. Does anyone have more information or current update? If so, please write me!
  • The Market at Rutland Farms - blackberries, blueberries, cotton, peaches, strawberries, gift shop, concessions / refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area, birthday parties, school tours
    5641 Union Rd, Tifton, GA 31794. Phone: 229-386-5111. Alternate Phone: 229-392-5302. Email: [email protected]. Open: Monday through Saturday 9 am to 6 pm; Closed Sundays. Directions: Exit 55, I-75. Follow signs. 1.5 miles from interstate. Click here for a map and directions. Payment: Cash, Check, Debit cards, Visa/MasterCard. Click here for our Facebook page. . (UPDATED: April 18, 2017)

Turner County

Worth County

  • Calhoun Produce, Inc. - Strawberries, and prepicked produce, gift shop, snacks and refreshment stand, restrooms, picnic area, farm animals, birthday parties, school tours
    3649 U.S. Hwy 82 West, Sylvester, GA. Phone: 229-777-0824. Fax: 229-273-0082. Email: [email protected]. Open: Monday to Saturday 8 am to 6 pm. click here for picking updates. Payment: Cash, Visa/MasterCard, Discover, AmEx. Fresh shelled buttberbeans and peas. Our Strawberry patch in Worth County located 5 miles west of Sylvester, Hwy 82; 10 miles east of Albany, Hwy 82.
  • JT's Maters, Melons and More - tomatoes, corn, peas, beans, okra, melons
    119 Toni Lee Road, Off Highway 133, Doerun, GA. Phone: 229-776-0127. Open: 7 am to 7 pm, Monday through Saturdays, closed Sunday.

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