Can you use Freezer Jam and Jelly Pectin to make Regular Cooked and Canned Jams and Jellies?

A frequently asked question is, can I substitute some leftover freezer jam / jelly pectin for regular cooked jam / jelly pectin and then can the jars and store them at room temperature?  With the jam or jelly set up?

Here's the answer, straight from the source, the manufacturer of Ball / Kerr/ Jardin brand pectin:

We appreciate your inquiry and the opportunity to assist. You're correct- our RealFruitâ„¢ Instant Pectin is specifically intended for use in freezer or non-cook jams. BallⓇ Instant Pectin is formulated to be used for freezer jam only and should not be used for cooked jam recipes.

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That pretty much says it all: The manfuacterers of freezer pectin say it is not intended to be used in making cooked jams, and will not work.

They don't explain why, but all pectins are heat sensitive. You can overcook regular pection and cause it to break down and lose the gelling properties, so it is easy to figure that a pectin that is designed to work without any heat, would quickly breakdown when the jam is cooked on the stove and canned.

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Here are some common types of instant pectin and where to get them. They are all roughly the same, it is just the packaging and size that varies, mostly, although some do not require sugar. The no-sugar needed types also tend to set a gel better, too.. Of course, some people have their favorites, so click on the bozes below and read the Amazon reviews.

No sugar needed instant freezer pectin:

Instant freezer pectins that require sugar: