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DC's Extraordinary Cherries - U-Pick Cherries

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DC's Extraordinary Cherries, Cherries U-Pick in Alameda County

  • DC's Extraordinary Cherries - cherries
    Marsh Creek Road, Brentwood, CA. Phone: 925-516-4495. U-pick cherries: Bing, Utah Giant, Sweet Ann, Rainier, Van, and more. Pruned to low height means no ladders to climb. Very short season. Be sure to call vefore you go, and call early in the season (April). (UPDATED: May 06, 2018, JBS)
    Comments from a visitor on July 12, 2010:  "I really liked DC's pick your own cherries. They have a wide variety of cherries to pick, you do not need a ladder, they took consideration for the bucket used when weighing the picked cherries, and the ground is more stable and solid. Went there twice this weekend. "
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